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At PlayerAuctions, our mission is to make the digital worlds in massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) a better place through services to players that enhance and reward their gaming experience.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 8/8/2014

Rob L.
Great website!
I have used playerauctions for many years to trade game accounts when I get bored and move onto the next game. It is the only website I use for high dollar transactions :) Very safe, I have never been disappointed and I have spent over $1500USD on... Read More »
Posted 7/3/2014

Martin L.
My buisniss
I have done pretty much buying of accounts, gold and quest help, because of this my business with this site have learned me that they are safe, they got many offers and they also provide many different currency in games and real life money.
Posted 6/12/2014

Thomas W.
Fantastic idea and website, needs some work
The site is an amazing concept, they charge you to sell on their site and they help you promote your sales and gain as many as possible, while completely securing you against fraud and reversals. I am writing this review as a seller, yet I have al... Read More »
Posted 5/15/2014

Rodolfo R.
Recommend this site to anyone
Despite having had a bad experience with an attendant, the standard transaction occurred received the product I paid safely recommend this site to other buyers, I had no problem with the seller.
Posted 5/13/2014

dustin t.
severs for the website
the people run the site was great but the people they let them sell stuff and not letting them keep there word was very bad i waited about 23 hours and was so posted to be 20 min i used this site for years so ya not to happy with them right now
Posted 5/9/2014

Onish G.
Most Secure Online Deals!
Just purchased something using PlayerAuction's platform, trust me, THIS SITE IS UP TO IT'S COMMITMENT! Seller was a very inactive person, he came online after every 2 days. Which increases the chances of wrong or no delivery. But through PlayerAuc... Read More »
Posted 4/30/2014

ex f.
Great Service
Quick fast and hassle free, very efficient
Posted 4/5/2014

R S.
Great place to buy
Good system and great customer service.
Posted 2/6/2014

J K.
playerauctions great
referred to by a friend, completely legit
Posted 2/1/2014

John D.
Great place to buy game items
Sellers are fast and trustworthy. PA has a good system so you know you won't be getting scammed.
Posted 1/13/2014

Dimitrios H.
Great and safe
Loved it
Posted 1/7/2014

aj h.
PlayerAuction is legit, and really quick and fast. 100% NO SCAM
Posted 1/7/2014

Ian M.
Excellent Seller
Player Auctions is a great site that provides excellent service to both the buyer and the seller. It is a very safe site to use and provides excellent customer service along with guaranteed satisfaction.
Posted 1/5/2014

scott w.
Smooth and Quick ordering
Very clean site that is easy to use for ordering. Was fast and easy.
Posted 1/3/2014

Bradley W.
Checkout is so quick and easy to do
Posted 1/1/2014

Erick B.
Super fast service
I will come back to this site. great deal!
Posted 12/30/2013

I Wrote a review
This site is the best I'm going to come back here a lot to get some great deals and accounts=) love it best site ever=)!!!!!!!!
Posted 12/26/2013

shawn q.
First time buyer, very satisfied
Before, I had never purchased mmo currency from a site before, so I was somewhat hesitant. However, after reading the info about, it seemed secure enough to me, and I decided to use it. I can honestly say I wa... Read More »
Posted 12/21/2013

brad o.
Amazing and safe experience
Honestly Playerauctions has helped me so much with buying and selling especially, many times I have been charged back when I sell online products in games and through Playerauctions it has a lot of security and is nearly impossible to get scammed ... Read More »
Posted 12/21/2013

luis b.
i wrote a review
My business with PlayerAuction has been more than better, so far, I have enjoyed their service and will SURELY be using them in the future, thank you PlayerAuction for making the buying of games and it's product that much more easier!
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