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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 5/6/2013

Julie L.
Prolaw is terrible
I have had Prolaw since 2005 and initially spent about $4,000 for the software, and now, $1200 a year for service that I hardly use. Their support is horrible. I have a love/hate relationship with Prolaw. I like the document assembly and other fea... Read More »
Posted 8/21/2012

B. A. R.
ProLaw's Annual Maintenance costs are off-the-chart expensive
Our ProLaw annual maintenance contract is more than 3 times more expensive than the second most expensive--which is three times more than all the others. In other words, it is SIX times as expensive as our typical maintenance agreement. The rule... Read More »
Posted 8/3/2012

Joel V.
Prolaw - Terrible Customer Support
I've been a ProLaw user since 2004. Although the software is fairly good, their customer support is terrible. Example: When you call the support line, and go through voice mail menus, you get put on hold. When you finally get to talk to a huma... Read More »
Posted 4/5/2012

Anne H.
Prolaw does not provide support
We purchased Prolaw for $5000 about 5 or 6 years ago. Our server recently crashed, on which Prolaw was installed. We have been without our Prolaw database/calendar for a month, after repeatedly calling Prolaw to get support to get our database t... Read More »
Posted 3/26/2008

Paul Armstrong
Review 3/26/2008
Prolaw is a legal calendaring and accounting software (they say it can do more but we only use these two portions). The calendaring portion is farely straight forward and the query function is easy to use since it uses a relatively plain language.... Read More »
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