Progressive Management Systems

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This company's business is a collection agency.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 5/6/2013

Rhoda G.
Credit Killer!
Should a collections agency be allowed to distroy a person’s credit over a $57 debt, after sending ONE notice via mail? Don’t you think it sounds like a modern day Les Miz? Well, I just got zapped by PMS—that’s not the prementrual mental disorder;... Read More »
Posted 9/20/2012

M A.
Just got a call from these people claiming I owe $44 for a medical bill. I would really LOVE to know how in the hell I owe anything for medical because we have insurance that covers 100% regardless of what it is. She said its for a deductible we... Read More »
Posted 10/27/2011

Review 10/27/2011
BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS COMPANY There is a company called "Progressive Management Systems" that calls people at random (telemarketing/scammer) from many numbers (most often 1-866-767-9317) with an automated message looking for someone (usually ... Read More »
Posted 3/2/2011

Rhonda B.
Review 3/2/2011
My sister received a call from PMS asking for me. When she inquired what it was regarding, they responded, "It's personal." She gave me their phone number and I called them back. I explained to them that they had called my sister asking for me and... Read More »
Posted 1/26/2011

Review 1/26/2011
This appears to be another of the many repetitious, random cell phone robo-caller credit bureau callers. It looks like they may really be a collection agency, so maybe they are even worse than most of the ones that call. Like all such callers, b... Read More »
Posted 6/25/2010

Janet P.
Review 6/25/2010
My son and I have had a very negative experience with Progressive Management Systems. The first problem was that my son paid a medical bill a couple of years ago, and they have insisted he did not pay it. We paid that bill again, along with a cu... Read More »
Posted 2/8/2010

Edna A.
Review 2/8/2010
PMS management systems are not what they seem to be, rude and disrespectful. I have requested a receipt for payment few times and they refused to submit. I called them and there respond was that they do not want to send a receipt. is that agains... Read More »
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