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This company's business is providing diet and exercise program services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 2/16/2014

Lynn M.
Just started and have already lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks
I read the reviews and ignored most of them because they're complaints about money and not the effectiveness of the plan. I have more than 60 pounds to lose and to get this kind of immediate feedback in the way of RESULTS from a nutrition plan is ... Read More »
Posted 11/27/2012

Linda R.
The Food Lovers Fat Loss System/ 5 Way Fat Fighter
My sister and I have been using this system and the 5 Way Fat Fighter and we are so excited. This is what we have been looking for our whole lives. Thank you for great guidance and for a boost in fat fighter. Blessings, Blessings, Blessing Linda R.
Posted 3/27/2012

Adele V.
Plan works if you are diligent!
I began the diet 3 weeks ago, and I've stayed on it pretty rigorously the first few weeks, but even had a little wine with dinner (1/2 glass) one night and few bites of mousse (not on plan)the first week, and still lost 5 lbs the first week. I've ... Read More »
Posted 1/29/2012

Evans S.
Six Week Body MakeOver is GREAT!
I lost 55 lbs. using the Six Week Body Make Over with NO exercise other than walking my dogs. For the first two weeks, I followed the plan EXACTLY and at the end of those two weeks, I'd lost 10 lbs. I was right on track to lose 30 lbs. in six we... Read More »
Posted 8/28/2011

Felicia B.
Review 8/28/2011
Well, thanks to the reviews on here, I have decided not to order this product. Thank you all for posting, you made a difference!
Posted 8/26/2011

dan a.
Review 8/26/2011
Has any one tried this product? I looked at their website and it does explain that you have 6 weeks to try or return it for refund minus shipping and handling. Most here complain about not getting full refund or not being able to return it aft... Read More »
Posted 7/11/2011

Philip Z.
Review 7/11/2011
As other reviews obviously state, do not order anything from this company. When I ordered their diet plan, I paid the entire order in one lump sum and did not order any of their so-called diet pills or supplements. I thought the purchase was com... Read More »
Posted 6/21/2010

Heather R.
Review 6/21/2010
One thing that I noticed about all these reviews is that no one tried the plan. I guarantee that if you had tried it you would have been happy. I do agree that it was a little confusing getting started but I eventually figured it out. I have never... Read More »
Posted 3/29/2010

Coni M.
Review 3/29/2010
Warning - do not order from this company. My husband was talked over repeatedly and ended up with a package of products he did not want or need. When we called to cancel and have the items returned, we were told to accept the package, call them ... Read More »
Posted 12/22/2009

Vernida K.
Review 12/22/2009
Do not purchase from this company. They use false advertisement. I was told that I would be charged 3 payments of 19.99 plus 1 charge of 19.99 for shipping and handling. My card was automatically charged $40.98, which included 1st mth payment, ... Read More »
Posted 5/19/2009

dorris m.
Review 5/19/2009
I can't believe what an idiot I am at my age. You would think I would know better but I think companies like these prey on an individuals weakness's and therefore, we make easy prey. I called back within 12 hours of placing my order by check becau... Read More »
Posted 4/10/2008

Review 4/10/2008
I wish I would have found the other posted reviews before doing business with this company. I have made several phone calls and sent several emails trying to resolve the issue. My problem is with the extra charges for "supplements". I told them ... Read More »
Posted 4/2/2008

Review 4/2/2008
I am sorry I placed my order with this company. The web site is not very clear to use. It keeps showing different things that can be added to the original package, but you don't get to see the price until the order goes through. If you try to c... Read More »
Posted 1/7/2008

Review 1/7/2008
I hate to be negative, I was hoping for the very best with this product; however from the beginning both my husband and I were disappointed. They tried to talk me into so many other products when I was ordering, I almost stopped there (wish I ha... Read More »
Posted 10/19/2007

Review 10/19/2007
When you call to sign up for the Six Week Body Makeover, it asks for your credit card number first. After that, it offers several different products for different prices to add on to the already $120 program. I believe that the product doesn't wor... Read More »
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