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Sherman Oaks , CA 91403
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This company's business is providing diet and exercise program services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 2/16/2014
Just started and have already lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks
I read the reviews and ignored most of them because they're complaints about money and not the effec... Read More »
Posted 11/27/2012
The Food Lovers Fat Loss System/ 5 Way Fat Fighter
My sister and I have been using this system and the 5 Way Fat Fighter and we are so excited. This i... Read More »
Posted 3/27/2012
Plan works if you are diligent!
I began the diet 3 weeks ago, and I've stayed on it pretty rigorously the first few weeks, but even ... Read More »
Posted 1/29/2012
Six Week Body MakeOver is GREAT!
I lost 55 lbs. using the Six Week Body Make Over with NO exercise other than walking my dogs. For t... Read More »
Posted 8/28/2011
Review 8/28/2011
Well, thanks to the reviews on here, I have decided not to order this product. Thank you all for po... Read More »
Posted 8/26/2011
Review 8/26/2011
Has any one tried this product? I looked at their website and it does explain that you have 6 weeks... Read More »
Posted 7/11/2011
Review 7/11/2011
As other reviews obviously state, do not order anything from this company. When I ordered their die... Read More »
Posted 6/21/2010
Review 6/21/2010
One thing that I noticed about all these reviews is that no one tried the plan. I guarantee that if ... Read More »
Posted 3/29/2010
Review 3/29/2010
Warning - do not order from this company. My husband was talked over repeatedly and ended up with a... Read More »
Posted 12/22/2009
Review 12/22/2009
Do not purchase from this company. They use false advertisement. I was told that I would be charge... Read More »
Posted 5/19/2009
Review 5/19/2009
I can't believe what an idiot I am at my age. You would think I would know better but I think compan... Read More »
Posted 4/10/2008
Review 4/10/2008
I wish I would have found the other posted reviews before doing business with this company. I have m... Read More »
Posted 4/2/2008
Review 4/2/2008
I am sorry I placed my order with this company. The web site is not very clear to use. It keeps sh... Read More »
Posted 1/7/2008
Review 1/7/2008
I hate to be negative, I was hoping for the very best with this product; however from the beginning... Read More »
Posted 10/19/2007
Review 10/19/2007
When you call to sign up for the Six Week Body Makeover, it asks for your credit card number first. ... Read More »
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