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RA Law Group offers a large portfolio of services. Our services include Bankruptcy, Insurance Dispute and Recovery, Foreclosure Defense, Residential and Commercial Loan Modifications, as well as Business Law. RA Law Group is staffed with highly t  
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Posted 4/11/2012

beverley c.
NEVER pay any company upfront
Be very careful when looking at their good ratings. Its a little suspicious when all of the majority of the ratings say the exact same thing. I was desperate and they had good rating when i went to them. i had already been ripped off by a local ... Read More »
Posted 11/29/2011

William C.
RA Law Group
All the posting before mine says it all. Do not get involved....The only advise we got from them was for us to do a short sale. $5000 and that's what we got, short sale....We requested a refund and all communication ended.... We have wrote letters... Read More »
Posted 11/25/2011

jenny c.
Review 11/25/2011
Its been a year and six months since I signed up with RA Law Group. At that point they had a A rating. I completely understand why their rating has dropped to a F. If you've come across RA Law Group and considering using them you are just being... Read More »
Posted 9/26/2011

Review 9/26/2011
THEY ARE TOTALLY SCAM ARTISTS !!Don’t get fooled with the nice TALK and promises, or not Jim??? They will offer you to help solving your problems but after receiving the money they asked in advance, they totally forget about you as a client and do... Read More »
Posted 8/29/2011

Courtney S.
Review 8/29/2011
RA Law Contacted us and explained that 99% of the time BofA would work out a loan modification. They also said that in the event that they denied said loan mod request, they personally would SUE BofA. Well, NONE of these things were followed thr... Read More »
Posted 8/19/2011

Sydney L.
Review 8/19/2011
Wow! I'm not surprised to see that the BBB rating has dropped to an F from the A when we signed up with RA Law Group last year! And I didn't even file a complaint until now!
We were very disappointed with their service to say the least! The final... Read More »
Posted 7/20/2011

fight b.
Review 7/20/2011
This group contacted us about our mortgage over one year ago, at first we dismissed them. At that time they were an A rated company on the BBB. Now they are an "F". We later decided to try them. They took our money immediately, which is now illeg... Read More »
Posted 6/28/2011

Vic E.
Review 6/28/2011
I have retained RA Law Group to help modify my home mortgage. The individuals who are employed by the company are very attentive and professional. If you are looking for professionals to help remodify your loans I would recommend them.
Posted 5/10/2011

annette h.
Review 5/10/2011
DO NOT use RA Law for a loan modification. Yes according to them we received a modification on a home loan (modification increased the payment $600.00) according to them they got the modification. Tell me if we couldn't pay the payment in the fi... Read More »
Posted 3/31/2011

George C.
Review 3/31/2011
Romel Ambarchyan can be reached through RAmbarchyan@aol.com. His email address is public record on the State Bar Website.
Romel Ambarchyan has "F" Rating with Better Business Burea... Read More »
Posted 3/30/2011

Bill S.
Review 3/30/2011
Do not under any condition hire R.A. Law to do anything for you. They will take your money and do nothing. They are a complete scam.
Posted 3/17/2011

Pamela L.
Review 3/17/2011
We signed with RA Law over a year ago. We were promised "a loan modification we could even afford in retirement." A year later, we were denied based on criteria from a previous attempt at a loan modification. We told RA Law that we had been den... Read More »
Posted 3/15/2011

sophia s.
Review 3/15/2011
Hey myself Sophia Smith I want to share my views on RA Law Group. I have taken their Loan modification service.The company helped me in solving my business issues & guide me in a proper direction. RA Law Group is staffed with highly trained and ... Read More »
Posted 2/8/2011

Brenda Z.
Review 2/8/2011
Receiving full refund.
Posted 2/8/2011

William S.
Review 2/8/2011
This company is a RIPOFF! My wife signed up with them over a year ago and to this day we have got Nothing! In return. They constantly ask for the same documentation over and over again and we sent it every month. We finally got tired (as they hope... Read More »
Posted 1/31/2011

Sarah P.
Review 1/31/2011
RA Law Group has helped me save so much money. They were great at returning my calls & informing me of the status of my loan modification (despite the other reviews). I benefited from this company & will highly recommend them to others.
Posted 1/11/2011

Ana U.
Review 1/11/2011
I hope this helps any one out there thinking about using this group of people if they can be called that, as of this moment we lost our house due to the negligence way they handled our case. My husband is severely ill due to the results of this ou... Read More »
Posted 12/22/2010

Linda L.
Review 12/22/2010
I would not recommend this law group to my worst enemy. They did nothing! We received no communication. They were very efficient at taking our money though. Even after we were forced to short sell to avoid auction they sent notes asking us for mor... Read More »
Posted 12/8/2010

Paula C.
Review 12/8/2010
I wouldn't advise anyone to go through this company for any type of modification. Very poor communication. Barely any call backs. Maybe if I lived closer to this company it would of been different because I would have shown up for answers, but liv... Read More »
Posted 12/5/2010

Mary H.
Review 12/5/2010
Here I'll help you because I agree! Here is a review from the BBB one of THIRTEEN!!! HOLY **** the rest are even worse about over 3700 dollars and ignoring cases etc..Cheaters (especially with bad staff) never win...

*and by the way all the ha... Read More »
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