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Posted 6/20/2011
Review 6/20/2011
Scam Alert!! I never signed up for a trial of any kind. I am not even sure how this mystery company ... Read More »
Posted 12/17/2010
Review 12/17/2010
SCAM ! SCAM ! SCAM ! They will never stop charging you for your credit card ! i had to cancel one o... Read More »
Posted 7/23/2010
Review 7/23/2010
Signed up for 7-day free trial; canceled on 6th day. Email notices of new foreclosure events ceased... Read More »
Posted 7/20/2010
Review 7/20/2010
I was billed by RealtyTrac for one month fee of $49.99 on July 8th. On July 14th, a RealtyTrac repre... Read More »
Posted 4/26/2010
Review 4/26/2010 is misrepresenting their business before collecting and selling users' personal infor... Read More »
Posted 4/20/2010
Review 4/20/2010
I signed up for the 'Free' Trail to review one property and remembered to cancel prior to their 30 d... Read More »
Posted 12/29/2009
Review 12/29/2009
I was a customer of RealtyTrac since 2008. Their rep contacted me in August 2009 to renew the servic... Read More »
Posted 9/9/2009
Review 9/9/2009
Please be advised that this company is engaging in fraudulent business practices on the... Read More »
Posted 6/6/2009
Review 6/6/2009 IS A SCAM!! DO NOT SIGN UP!!! I signed up for the free 7 day trial and canceled my me... Read More »
Posted 3/17/2009
Review 3/17/2009
I just want to thank everyone for the reviews they gave about Realty Trac because I have been lookin... Read More »
Posted 3/17/2009
Review 3/17/2009
TRIAL USERS BEWARE!!! NOT VERY ACCURATE INFO> COMPANY!!! I signed up with Realty for there ... Read More »
Posted 2/26/2009
Review 2/26/2009
Wow, I should have come here first before I took the free trail from Realty Trac. I signed up for t... Read More »
Posted 2/23/2009
Review 2/23/2009
RealtyTrac was brought to my attention last week when a couple came by my house to inquire about the... Read More »
Posted 1/21/2008
Review 1/21/2008
Wow, I went to and discovered today that I am not the first one who complain about this webs... Read More »
Posted 10/5/2007
Review 10/5/2007
This company's business practices need improvement. While it entices you to sign up with a free tri... Read More »
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