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National law firm that specializes in criminal record clearing (expungement and record sealing).  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 9/4/2014

Ben B.
Higbee & Associates - Top Notch!
I have used this firm twice. The first was to reduce a 1990's California Felony to a misdemeanor and have it dismissed. Success!!! The second time was to restore my Firearm Rights in Washington after the Felony expungement. Again... Success! This ... Read More »
Posted 8/4/2014

Randall F.
Can't Say Enough Good About Them
Back in the 80's, I made one of the biggest blunders of my life and ended up being convicted of grand theft auto. I walked around for over 20 years, carrying that ball and chain with me wherever I went. No matter how successful I became, that ugli... Read More »
Posted 6/13/2014

Bernie C.
Easy explainable
I would say more if I wasn't in a rush. I feel like they didn't bother me with too many details or confusing stuff. It was easy. I like easy. You pay them, they deal with it all. Thank you!
Posted 5/12/2014

thien l.
I was over looked of the court denial. On April 21st 2014 that was the date that court was stamped. On Ma? 5th 2014 that the issue date so that was my mistake. But unfortunately I could not get my record expunge. I have asked them to expunge m... Read More »
Posted 5/11/2014

Tara T.
Wonderful and Successful Experience
My experience with Higbee and Associates ( was wonderful. As all cases are, mine had its special little features and bumps and all were handled elegangly and professionally. My Case Manager, Ms. Sabrina Brannen was absolutely fantas... Read More »
Posted 5/10/2014

Dave L.
I highly recommend RecordGone
I highly recommend RecordGone to anyone who needs thngs removed from their background, I never had to keep getting in touch with them to see the progress of my case. They were faithful in letting me know every step that was taken in the process. I... Read More »
Posted 5/9/2014

thien l.
DON'T MAKE MISTAKE LIKE I DID! I SHOULD HAVE TRUST NEGATIVE REVIEWS ABOUT RECORDGONE.COM. October 30 2013, I decided to hire to do my expungement. After payments has been made, I received their message stated I had to wait for the c... Read More »
Posted 4/28/2014

Sandra T.
Better than Expected - A+
Don't like lawyers, don't like courts, but this may change that. I am very happy I had this done and very happy I used Recordgone. They were very nice from the start, they matched another lawyers price without hesitation. A+
Posted 4/28/2014

Roberta C.
Easy-to-use service was a helpful, easy-to-use service that I'm hoping will change my life for the better. My record has just recently been cleaned so I cannot say how well it works yet, but I found the people that I dealt with there informative and qu... Read More »
Posted 4/16/2014

Dallas M.
The process was quick, painless and easy.
The process was quick, painless and easy. I have absolutely no complaints. I you have a record that need to be sealed, then the first person you should call is recordgone.
Posted 4/15/2014

James B.
Great Service and caring law firm
I'M very please with the work my manager Andy Tran and staff done,The firm kept me inform doing the entire process very professional .I cannot not thank this firm enough for a job well done,I Would definitely recommend Higbee & Associates. Thanks
Posted 4/15/2014

Abandoned Client
No Results
To my dismay, I now feel a review of recordgone - a division of Higbee & Associates - is necessary. My case was started in late September of 2012 in order to restore civil rights, including firearm rights, that were "lost" about 20 y... Read More »
Posted 3/14/2014

Nicholas Q.
Fast, Efficient, and Great Service!
I had a case with a probation violation and I was able to still get it dismissed and without a hearing too! Make sure you do a good job on the questionnaire they give you it will go a long way to making things a success!! It will help present your... Read More »
Posted 2/26/2014

Rosemary B.
In November 2012, I engaged Higbee & Associates to perform expungement and database updating services in order to seek employment. After a minimal effort, Higbee & Associates discovered that my case had been dismissed over 20 years ago. Ap... Read More »
Business's response - by Mathew H.on 3/2/2014
The fact that the court did not inform you (or that you forgot) that your conviction was expunged prior to you hiring us was not our fault. Nor was it our fault that the court did not update the records at the California Department of Justice. ... Read More »
Posted 1/2/2014

Scott A.
Fantastic service.
If you think your crime is too serious to be expunged guess again. My case was on the more serious side and they successfully got it dismissed. Couldn't be happier.
Posted 12/9/2013

Matt J.
Recommended for outstanding performance
Recordgone was straight-forward, honest, and persistent. Despite a more difficult and lengthy case, the fee never changed. The relief I felt when my record was cleared was amazing.
Posted 10/16/2013

William (AKA Mr. Bill) P.
Need your life back?
Higbee and Associates is a law firm that can be trusted to do for you what you need them to do. For almost 40 years I was treated like a second class citizen because of a conviction on my record. Higbee and Associates was able to fix this for me a... Read More »
Posted 8/28/2013

ryan h.
I began this endeavor only a few months ago and already have both of my cases granted and complete! Great customer service, great payment plans. Thanks!
Posted 7/20/2013

Lawrence R.
Got my life back! just got me an expungement on a misdemeanor which was really messing up my job prospects and causing me embarrassment and stress. I couldn't even travel to Canada! I'm really impressed with what I got from them. Here's why: 1. Their... Read More »
Posted 7/19/2013

Recordgone Awesome !
Awesome service and pricing. They were always very helpful and responsive since I first contacted them. I would recommend their service to any one. Thank You for helping me getting my life back. Having a record virtually destroyed any opportunity ... Read More »
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