Rosland Capital LLC

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Rosland Capital LLC is a precious metal asset firm based in Santa Monica, California and buys, sells, and trades all the popular forms of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals, including numismatic coins.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 4/29/2014

Kerry M.
DISHONEST !! Stay Away !!
Most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. They do not tell you about their 35-30% upcharge over actual value of coins. Beware of bait & switch. They have no conscience and do not care about their customers. If you are stupid enough to do ... Read More »
Posted 4/2/2014

Michael K.
Overpriced Coin Sellers. STAY AWAY!
These guys unfortunately are advertised heavily on talk radio. That's how they got my dad to buy from them (and, to be sure, could have easily ensnared me as well). They are advertising coins on their website, right now, for over $1300.00, that ca... Read More »
Posted 11/30/2012

Susan L.
This company seems to be hoping to prey on ignorant or uninformed investors who are willing to overpay. DO SOME BASIC RESEARCH and you will find many other reputable companies who will sell you the same thing for MUCH LESS. They almost had me un... Read More »
Posted 11/29/2012

Eric M.
Rosland - are you kidding me?
These guys are scam artists. I simply wanted to buy a couple of one ounce gold coins (and knew what they should cost). When Rosland figured out they couldn't "con" me they told me I didn't know what I was talking about and hung up on me. Thanks... Read More »
Posted 2/15/2012

biff h.
there are credable people out there NOT DHEM!!
Posted 2/15/2012

Robert J.
False and Fraudulent Advertising Claims
Rosland Capital claims on their new advert will William Devane that they absolutely will not be under sold.

When I contacted them to match or beat a heavily advertized competitor they admitted that they could beat that price, that it was below ... Read More »
Posted 5/24/2011

charles m.
Review 5/24/2011
When I called Rosland capitol, I told them that my yearly gross, was around 50K. I told them that I wanted to begin buying gold as insurance against the shrinking dollar. I told them that I had 500.00 dollars to invest initially, with future purch... Read More »
Posted 5/9/2011

alan m.
Review 5/9/2011
My father purchased some gold coins from Rosland Capital in 2009. He passed away in 1/2011 and while going thru his papers, we discovered these coins. I contacted Rosland Capital to inquire about their value and how they could be redemmed. My i... Read More »
Posted 4/29/2011

Ivory W.
Review 4/29/2011
I received stellar service working with Rosland Capitol. I've worked with several people within the company, but no one has treated me better than Ian Rasten. I was very nervous at first, but he was such a great help. I have invested in gold my e... Read More »
Posted 3/30/2011

orin p.
Review 3/30/2011
Was thinking of going with Rosland capital and Eric called me and I told him I was still looking into it and that I have not decided yet and he asked me if I suffered from split personality disorders because I was not willing to do everything righ... Read More »
Posted 3/25/2011

William H.
Review 3/25/2011
I had a really great experience with Rosland Capital. I've never been more satisfied and most of it has to do with the customer service, I couldn't have asked for a better account representative. The shipping is done exceptionally well, it only to... Read More »
Posted 3/21/2011

kathy s.
Review 3/21/2011
I've had a terrible time with Rosland. Ian Rasten has just been lying to me on every conversation we ever had. He said we made money just so I would buy more gold numeratic coins with him. He way over charged me for them to the point that gold wou... Read More »
Posted 10/26/2010

A League of Extraordinary Movers
Review 10/26/2010
A couple weeks ago I had a bad experiance with a Rosland Capitol employee.I contacted the B.B.B. and wrote a scathing review.This was a mistake! I should of contacted Rosland first.They would of put me in touch with their compliance officer who h... Read More »
Posted 10/25/2010

stephen t.
Review 10/25/2010
I purchased Gold from Rosland Capital and can only say thank you. The first time I called, they immediately helped to understand why I need gold and how to purchase gold. I can't say enough good things about Rosland Capital. Their staff is an A+ S... Read More »
Posted 10/14/2010

B M.
Review 10/14/2010
Very dissatisfied with trying to sell my gold back to them. I want you to sign agreement to sell to them. I will not even come close to giving you your money that you paid. They offered use half of what we paid. They gave us an excuse "this is not... Read More »
Posted 9/16/2010

Vern A.
Review 9/16/2010
I heard the adds on the radio and thought I should check them out. I called and they sounded professional on the phone. They sent the paperwork promptly and followed up with a phone call to help fill it out. I began to feel uncomfortable when t... Read More »
Posted 7/19/2010

Antonio P.
Review 7/19/2010
Received great customer service when speaking to a sales rep. However after the purchase went through. Everything I was promise did not surface. Approx. Delivery date shipment was suppose to be 20 coins to a tube. All shipped in one bag in whic... Read More »
Posted 11/10/2009

Tim R.
Review 11/10/2009
I responded to the Rosland Capital commercials I saw on TV. As gold continued to climb in price, I began to consider it a serious investment. I called, and I decided to invest. The person I spoke with knew exactly what they were talking about. The... Read More »
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