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This company's nature of business is septic tank & treatment supplies.  
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Septic Tank Systems Treatment Services

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Posted 6/17/2013

Gene D.
I've had good luck with their septic leaching field product for 4 years now. I tried other products before theirs with no luck. They often call and try to get you to buy their "newest and latest" products but I'm willing to overlook that... Read More »
Posted 4/13/2013

Bob B
John Thau owns septic savior he calls him self ralph in the sun setinal. I ve seen him with the fbk guy Gary kranze several times. small town. one only needs to look up complaints about septic savior and FBK to know its reputation. I get calls all... Read More »
Posted 1/21/2013

Manda H.
Septic Savior is a scam!
This business is a scam. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! They sent me the product which I did not order, and then a month later sends me to creditors without a letter or phone call. Now I have them and creditors on my butt for $400 which I refuse to pay... Read More »
Posted 1/17/2013

Hazel J.
Is Septic Savior FBK?
These people are very aggressive. A man called claiming to be a factory manager for Septic Savior. I told him that we already have enough product. He was very pushy. My husband said that we buy from f bk and the manager said that our account wa... Read More »
Posted 9/9/2012

Brenda M.
I don't trust them
I don't know if it works or not. What I do know is that my agreement was for 4 easy payments. Before the first one was due they called to make a deal if I would give them my charge card number. Then they insisted the first payment was past due (... Read More »
Posted 6/29/2012

Flamure A.
Septic Savior llc
Saved me thousands of dollars by preventing me from having to replace my septic system. I recommend this product to all my friends and family!!!
Posted 6/23/2012

Warren F.
good products
Had the misfortune of experiencing a backup at my last house. Septic guy recommended them to me. I have been using septic savior for over 10 years and just had tank inspected with flying colors.
Posted 5/27/2012

cyndi h.
great product
Ordered a 5 year supply I had my concerns after 3 months my wet spots are gone and no back ups!!!I am a believer now!!!Saved me $$$ on replacing my system
Posted 9/19/2011

Kevin A.
Review 9/19/2011
Was told my drainfield was clogged and needed to be replaced! My neighbor gave me some of this product and told me to try it before letting them dig up my yard. Its been about 2 months and just had another septic company come out and they told m... Read More »
Posted 9/5/2011

Charles L.
Review 9/5/2011
I was contacted by this company. Let me first say that I usually hang up on sales people! Right before I could hang up, the guy asked me if I was experiencing wet spots in the yard. Bingo, he kept me on the phone. He eventually convienced me to tr... Read More »
Posted 1/13/2011

Kathy E.
Review 1/13/2011
This company called my residence this evening in Hernando, MS and tried persuade my credit card information from me. I had never heard of the company and while we were talking, I looked them up on the Internet and saw all of the references to sca... Read More »
Posted 12/29/2010

Tom M.
Review 12/29/2010
Septic Savior called my 82 year old, Alzheimer patient mother-in-law and sold her a box of 60 packets. They called her even though she's on the National No-Call list. She lives in a nursing home! She is incapable of making decisions regarding he... Read More »
Posted 9/19/2009

l s.
Review 9/19/2009
I haven't had a septic system for the last four years. They have called me twice a year for the last six years and most recently, I get at least one phone call everyday, most times five a day. I could be answering one phone call from them and ge... Read More »
Posted 8/28/2009

P S.
Review 8/28/2009
This company sold us a 6 year supply several years ago after we had our septic tank pumped.

A year or so later they called and tried to sell me another product saying the one we bought wasn't effective enough. I declined and asked that they pu... Read More »
Posted 8/13/2009

dina g.
Review 8/13/2009
I am a caregiver for an eldrly women. This company called her several months ago and talked her into buying 7 YEARS worth of product that she didn't need. When I called them to tell them I wanted to send it back,they said I couldn't. I told them t... Read More »
Posted 3/21/2009

Ken B.
Review 3/21/2009
This business is a scam and should be investigated. Our experience begins with the delivery of a case of septic cleaning product which was I never ordered. The address was wrong but it was delivered to us anyway because we live in a small town. ... Read More »
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