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Credit Repair Services
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 12/6/2013

Maria L.
Excellent Choice !!
HEllo, I have been signed up with skyblue for 2 months now, and i can already see the difference on my credit score. I am very impressed with them they have been doing an awesome Job!! :) i would definately recommend this company, they are so on t... Read More »
Posted 10/8/2013

Great team to work with
I had delinquency record of small amount which was almost 6 years old. The record was for late payment of one my account.I had disputed this record multiple times with credit score agencies without any success. I contacted SKYBLUE last month to an... Read More »
Posted 8/10/2012

Donn D.
Very impressed
I recently enrolled with Sky Blue mainly based on the numerous good reviews I found online about their company and services. A few days after sending them my credit report for review I was contacted by their customer service. The agent told me tha... Read More »
Posted 7/13/2012

David R.
A 30 Day Review
I’m very satisfied with Sky Blue so far. It was easy to get started with the program. Communications have been very good and pretty prompt. I just got my first results back and they deleted four bad accounts off Transunion, four off Equifax, and t... Read More »
Posted 7/11/2012

River A.
Good for easy fixes
They did raise my score by getting an item removed that the creditor easily agreed to remove. The other item was more complex and a result of a mistake from the original creditor and their general dispute letters did not remedy the situation. I ... Read More »
Posted 5/26/2012

John C.
Sky Blue Review - Top Rating
I just finished 6 months with Sky Blue and want to offer some useful information. Sky Blue REMOVED 48 DEROGATORY items from my credit report and my CREDIT SCORES WENT UP 200 POINTS. Sky Blue did an AMAZING JOB of finding the problems on my credit ... Read More »
Posted 5/23/2012

Chris W.
Sky Blue Awesome Value
I used Sky Blue for four months and my scores are up over 100 points and they removed over 20 bad accounts from my credit reports. And when I was done they contacted me to let me know that there was nothing left to do, rather than just continuing ... Read More »
Posted 5/18/2012

Andy A.
Not worth it
They charged me hundreds of dollars and my credit did not change at all.I ended up filing for Chapter 7. And glad I did. But than if you look at what they/you are trying to achieve is not honest either. This is not a "credit repare", this is you ... Read More »
Posted 4/9/2012

John R.
They do what they say they do!
I used them about 18 months ago and they were able to raise my credit scores from low to mid 500's to low 700's, high 600's. They are reliable and apparently have a good model. The fees are very reasonable compared to others and the fact you do ... Read More »
Posted 3/4/2012

Darrell S.
Best at what they do in the Business..
Hello! If you have credit issues,I would definitely recommend Sky blue credit..I am only one month into the program and I am very impressed! I used a credit repair Company last year and they charged me $1,700 and they did absolutely nothing for my... Read More »
Posted 1/16/2012

Elizabeth D.
Sky Blue is GREAT!!!!
We contacted Sky Blue to help build our credit up and they did a fantastic job helping us!! They brought our credit up about 100 points. They were easy to contact and if we left a msg they would call us back. I would recommend them to anyone that ... Read More »
Posted 12/23/2011

Tyson B.
Sky Blue Credit Review
So far so good! I only have been in the Sky Blue Program for one week, so I don't have a long term experience to report, but I'm pretty psyched about this company already. It was really easy to get started. The customer service was really fast and... Read More »
Posted 11/29/2011

Julia D.
My Excellent Sky Blue Credit Repair Customer Review
I had an excellent experience with Sky Blue Credit Repair. Everything from the customer to the end results was fantastic. Sky Blue seems to be noted for their good customer service, and I want to say that they are super nice ( I worked with Sabrin... Read More »
Posted 11/16/2011

Hung N.
Review 11/16/2011
I started with sky blue on 5/24/2011. Their customer service was great. They answered all my questions and were very helpful. My program lasted for 6 months. My credit score was 610/590/582 when started. Now after 6 months it is 580/550/530. Not o... Read More »
Posted 4/5/2010

Adam P.
Review 4/5/2010
This group did an excellent job for my wife and me. I was skeptical in the beginning, but they proved to be very effective and thorough. We are happy campers - who now have good credit! Five stars to Sky Blue Credit and their whole team.
Posted 12/9/2009

Carlos A.
Review 12/9/2009
I just want to say that I never ever completely believed testimonials i've read online about any company. So its really Ironic that I am kinda writing 1 right now. Sky Blue has completely turned my life around. After my 18th b/d I applied and was ... Read More »
Posted 10/29/2009

Raj R.
Review 10/29/2009
I have had a truly first-rate experience with Sky Blue Credit. They made the process very easy for me from the start. The customer service was also very professional. I found that they were always very accessible and answered my questions in a tho... Read More »
Posted 9/2/2009

Jens D.
Review 9/2/2009
My credit scores have gone from awful to excellent in about eight months. I really have to hand it to this group. They were one of the best companies that I have dealt with. They really made me feel welcome from the start, and now as I am ending t... Read More »
Posted 7/15/2009

dana b.
Review 7/15/2009
I also found this group to be very professional. They clearly make a strong effort to be very responsive. They did quite a good job for myself and my husband. I wish that all of my internet experiences were as nice.
Posted 6/16/2009

Russell T.
Review 6/16/2009
I found Sky Blue through the BBB and I’m glad I did my homework. I have now recommended Sky Blue to three of my friends and they are also totally satisfied. Here is my advice to anyone with bad credit – don’t just sit there, do something! A reputa... Read More »
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