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Newport Beach , CA 92660
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Dental implants have become the treatment of choice for replacement of missing teeth. We have become the leader in dental implant treatment delivery. We change lives every day!  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 2/10/2013
Please stay away for your own good, I wish I had!!
I am a former patient of Smile Implant Center and want to warn everyone to please do yourself a favo... Read More »
Posted 11/20/2012
Massage from Dr.Teich
Dear Patients and Friends,   My name is Dr. Thomas Teich and I am the owner and founder of the Smil... Read More »
Posted 11/12/2012
Avoid-Ripoff-about to file suits malpractice for damage- plus paid contract not honored
Sadly, six months ago I referred someone there, SO IT ISNT JUST ME-- just went to visit, 2 HOURS AGO... Read More »
Posted 12/12/2011
Smile Implant Center saved me money and gave me great One Day Service! I recommend them for sure!!
I would recommend this doctor to anyone and everyone who has dentures or missing teeth! They have r... Read More »
Posted 12/2/2011
I have no hesitation in recommending the Smile Implant Cente
As you know, the success of any organization depends on the people working there.
I recently had si... Read More »
Posted 4/22/2011
Review 4/22/2011
Beware of this Dental Mill House. I went in for the Free Consultation and they asked for a copy of... Read More »
Posted 12/23/2010
Review 12/23/2010
I have had nothing but good experiences with the Smile Implant Center. In 2005, the doctor did an i... Read More »
Posted 12/23/2010
Review 12/23/2010
With my dental implant, my nightmare of my tooth is over with. I lost one tooth and another was slo... Read More »
Posted 11/22/2010
Review 11/22/2010
As I'm writing to all of you consumers, I'm waiting in a room with my father waiting for the finishe... Read More »
Posted 9/30/2010
Review 9/30/2010
I started searching the internet for dental implants and found Smile Implant Center. I called them ... Read More »
Posted 8/22/2010
Review 8/22/2010
I found this wonderful dental implant clinic, the Smile Implant Center in Newport Beach. They speci... Read More »
Posted 8/20/2010
Review 8/20/2010
My personal experience with the Smile Implant Center and the dental work that was done here at the S... Read More »
Posted 8/12/2010
Review 8/12/2010
My wife and I met while in the military during the Viet Nam War. We were both career military peopl... Read More »
Posted 8/11/2010
Review 8/11/2010
My regular dentist. I asked them about it because I didn’t know about you folks and he said that he... Read More »
Posted 6/26/2010
Review 6/26/2010
I was at my family reunion when I was eating on a rib and bit on a bone. I just heard my teeth go c... Read More »
Posted 4/12/2010
Review 4/12/2010
The TV commercial states "walk in with dentures, leave with permanent teeth".
I when to this facili... Read More »
Posted 2/14/2010
Review 2/14/2010
Horrible experience! This is a Soviet-style assembly line of patients. I ran out of pain killers a... Read More »
Posted 2/4/2010
Review 2/4/2010
This business is located in a beautiful building overlooking Newport bay. Do not let the surrounding... Read More »
Posted 1/28/2010
Review 1/28/2010
I went to the Smile Implant Center because the cost of acquiring two dental implants was less than o... Read More »
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