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Dental implants have become the treatment of choice for replacement of missing teeth. We have become the leader in dental implant treatment delivery. We change lives every day!  
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Posted 2/10/2013

Tom B.
Please stay away for your own good, I wish I had!!
I am a former patient of Smile Implant Center and want to warn everyone to please do yourself a favor and stay away from this crook. I had a full mouth restoration performed in February 2012, and paid $25,000 to Smile upfront. Actually in January ... Read More »
Posted 11/20/2012

Thomas T.
Massage from Dr.Teich
Dear Patients and Friends,   My name is Dr. Thomas Teich and I am the owner and founder of the Smile Implant Center that started 11 years ago. I opened the business myself and for the first 6 months I was the only employee. I answered the phones ... Read More »
Posted 11/12/2012

pat c.
Avoid-Ripoff-about to file suits malpractice for damage- plus paid contract not honored
Sadly, six months ago I referred someone there, SO IT ISNT JUST ME-- just went to visit, 2 HOURS AGO- totally different address. A dump in santa ana. Different people. Salespeople pressuring others for money up front. (They did the same to us b... Read More »
Posted 12/12/2011

Mo S.
Smile Implant Center saved me money and gave me great One Day Service! I recommend them for sure!!
I would recommend this doctor to anyone and everyone who has dentures or missing teeth! They have real pretty waiting rooms high up overlooking Newport Bay and color TVs, comfortable furniture but the great part is they have low prices compared w... Read More »
Posted 12/2/2011

harold f.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Smile Implant Cente
As you know, the success of any organization depends on the people working there.
I recently had six teeth extracted, six implants done, and a Phonare bridge installed to the implants.
I was so impressed with Dr. Garry Jones and the work that he... Read More »
Posted 4/22/2011

Sally M.
Review 4/22/2011
Beware of this Dental Mill House. I went in for the Free Consultation and they asked for a copy of my Drivers License, and like an idiot I gave it to them, However; I didn’t authorized them to run a credit check, but they did anyways, I’ve been ... Read More »
Posted 12/23/2010

Saeid H.
Review 12/23/2010
I have had nothing but good experiences with the Smile Implant Center. In 2005, the doctor did an implant for me, a very nice job. I was already scheduled for an appointment with another dentist, but my very good friend mentioned the Smile Impla... Read More »
Posted 12/23/2010

Nancy B.
Review 12/23/2010
With my dental implant, my nightmare of my tooth is over with. I lost one tooth and another was slowly dying. Now I’m 51 and it finally died. All of a sudden my tooth came out, just a clean, dead tooth. My dentist gave me a name of an oral sur... Read More »
Posted 11/22/2010

Review 11/22/2010
As I'm writing to all of you consumers, I'm waiting in a room with my father waiting for the finished product that never fits well in his mouth. Both mouth pieces are either too big or teeth chip and break . Excuses and runner's is what they give... Read More »
Posted 9/30/2010

Richard A.
Review 9/30/2010
I started searching the internet for dental implants and found Smile Implant Center. I called them up to set up an appointment, just to see if I could afford it. They said to come on in and talk to them and we’d work something out. I got a litt... Read More »
Posted 8/22/2010

Robert S.
Review 8/22/2010
I found this wonderful dental implant clinic, the Smile Implant Center in Newport Beach. They specialize in doing dental implants. It is a very large clinic located in a fancy part of Newpoprt Beach right on the water but their prices are much l... Read More »
Posted 8/20/2010

jim H.
Review 8/20/2010
My personal experience with the Smile Implant Center and the dental work that was done here at the Smile Implant Center, I can't say enough good things, the fact of the matter is aesthetically the implant supported dentures on the upper and lower ... Read More »
Posted 8/12/2010

Bob H.
Review 8/12/2010
My wife and I met while in the military during the Viet Nam War. We were both career military people and both of us suffered from poor Army dentistry performed way back in the 1960 and 1970s. My wife's teeth basically failed about three years ag... Read More »
Posted 8/11/2010

Wendell S.
Review 8/11/2010
My regular dentist. I asked them about it because I didn’t know about you folks and he said that he’d heard about you. Since you’re quite a bit less expensive, he said go for it.He was willing to do it but I was looking for someone who could do ... Read More »
Posted 6/26/2010

jdlaw n.
Review 6/26/2010
I was at my family reunion when I was eating on a rib and bit on a bone. I just heard my teeth go crack and I knew I had broken my teeth. I went to a dentist there, but they told me that they could not do anything because would take me too long ... Read More »
Posted 4/12/2010

Cheryl T.
Review 4/12/2010
The TV commercial states "walk in with dentures, leave with permanent teeth".
I when to this facility because my removable dentures were painful. I was informed it would cost $12,000 for a full upper permanent teeth. These teeth would be installe... Read More »
Posted 2/14/2010

Phillip H.
Review 2/14/2010
Horrible experience! This is a Soviet-style assembly line of patients. I ran out of pain killers and antibiotics and tried for 3 days to get a doctor to call in a refill. I finally had to see my local dentist as an emergency patient. I paid an... Read More »
Posted 2/4/2010

Shelly M.
Review 2/4/2010
This business is located in a beautiful building overlooking Newport bay. Do not let the surroundings deceive you. You can plan on spending up to 12 hours the day of your surgery and not knowing which doctor and/or doctors will work on you while ... Read More »
Posted 1/28/2010

Shelly M.
Review 1/28/2010
I went to the Smile Implant Center because the cost of acquiring two dental implants was less than other dentists. Unfortunately, my experience was not a pleasant one. I was there for 12 hours on the day of my surgery and woke while they were sutu... Read More »
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