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Spirit Incentives is a results focused, strategic partner specializing in incentive and benefit solutions that drive the desired results for their business clients’ promotions. With over twenty years’ experience customizing innovative solutions for t  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 2/14/2014

Judith B.
Spirit Incentive trip would have cost my husband and I $933.29 for bunk beds on a cruise.
We jumped through all their hoops but finally requested our money back when it would have cost almost a thousand dollars. First they offered us to fly out of PHL but then changed it to Atlantic City. Tolls, parking, gas and then there was the bagg... Read More »
Posted 1/8/2014

Teresa G.
Clarity of Ceritificate Booking Dates Abiguous
We had tried to book several dates using our Great Wolf Lodge Two night / Three day voucher earned by sitting in a time share sales pitch. Sent the deposit and then upon entering dates, the computer system tells us none of those dates are availabl... Read More »
Posted 10/25/2013

Tim P.
Very Pleased with the Holiday
My wife and I had a 3 day stay at a Resort Hotel arranged by Spirit Incentives in Aug. 2013. We were very pleased with the process and we got the confirmation well in advance of our scheduled stay. We would use Spirit Incentives again for future t... Read More »
Posted 10/9/2013

Candice M.
Good deal
I have traveled with Spirit Incentives and had a stress free experience. Most people who get upset with the offer they got is because they don't read all the fine print. I did lots of research once getting my prize and learned very quickly that if... Read More »
Posted 10/6/2013

Nena M.
Well worth the effort!
First I would like to say READ THE FINE PRINT. I got the "Free trip" to Aruba. I didn't have the best experience but I didn't have the worst either! Yes, it takes a long time to book once you are ready but they put it in writing to be co... Read More »
Posted 10/3/2013

Denise D.
Spririt incentives free cruise
I had won 2 prizes, a trip to cape cod and a cruise. If you read the fine print you will realize that there are stipulations. I took both trips and had a great experience with both. The hotel in Cape cod was beautiful, I was also able to use their... Read More »
Posted 9/30/2013

Jeff L.
Fantastic Vacation!
I can understand why people might give this company a bad review due to the elicit instructions you must follow to get your rewards. However if you follow the instructions, you shall be rewarded! We took a week vacation to Cape Cod and loved the s... Read More »
Posted 9/30/2013

Ashley M.
Read the details before committing and it can actually be a fun trip!
I enjoyed traveling with this company. However, be prepared for early flight times (about 6 am). We went to San Diego, CA for 2 nights and 3 days (more like 2 days). Even though it was a quick trip, the rate was great! It was a $100 deposit and th... Read More »
Posted 7/1/2013

Lynda K.
In Business to not get your business!
We were offered one of the incentive packages after turning down the timeshare offer. We followed the rules as indicated, paid the deposit and picked our dates. Of course none of the dates we picked were available and they couldn't seem to come up... Read More »
Posted 5/6/2013

Ed D.
Worse company I've ever dealt with
They never call you back. Coorespondence is rude and impersonal. Please read all the post you'll see 75% are negative review. And Spirits never responses
Posted 4/25/2013

Meche H.
This company in a Scam
This company is a scam. I tried several times to utilize my gift certificate. I had to hold 40 minutes before talking to a rep. Once I did speak with a rep the dates I chose were not available and she would not work with me on other dates stating ... Read More »
Posted 4/11/2013

Becky L.
**SCAM**Do not fall for this "free" cruise...complete waste of time and money
Like so many others, my boyfriend "won" a free 3 day cruise to the bahamas. We went to the timeshare spiel at which point he, who had gone in alone, expressed no intereset whatsoever in their outrageously priced packages. The swindlers t... Read More »
Posted 4/5/2013

Christopher B.
Worst Customer Service and Full of Hidden Costs and fees
I had won two trips for this company. One was a cruise and the other an island getaway. Boy was it a scam. They make it as difficult as possible and do everything possible to not work with your schedule. If you miss one of there many deadlines the... Read More »
Posted 3/27/2013

C. G.
Report them to Better Business please!
My husband and I "won" a cruise at a Home Show in Miami Beach. We attended the company's time sharing exhibit to collect our prize. We then went through all the hoops of sending a $100.00 deposit for taxes and port fees and picking dates... Read More »
Posted 3/8/2013

Lori P.
Spirit Incentives is amazing!
We received a 3 day/2 night stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine from Spirit Incentives a few months ago - our first experience with the company, and we were thoroughly impressed! We attended a time share seminar at a fun resort outside of Tyler... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2013

tina f.
My first experience with Spirit Incentives was for a 1 night Great Wolf Lodge stay located the scenic Pocono mountains. From the initial booking, to the actual check in, my Spirit representative (Germaine) was professional,knowledgeable and preci... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2013

Ken T.
Trip Review
I just want to tell you that our trip reservations through Spirit Incentives went very well. The cruise we took to the Bahamas was great. There were no hic-ups and the people were fantastic. Spirit incentives provided excellent accommodations a... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2013

Linda A.
Good job
I had a good experience and the customer service that assisted was very professional and helpful. Everything went smooth and would use this service again.
Posted 2/26/2013

Michael O.
Be Careful
The company seemed very legit and professional, boy were we wrong... We are very disappointed with Spirit Incentives. I apologize for the long post but this is what we wrote them:

Spirit Incentives,
I am disappointed in the misleading informa... Read More »
Posted 2/21/2013

I H.
You get what you pay for...
Ok, So we went to a presentation and bought a vacation club package and received a voucher for a "free cruise" There was very fine print on the back of the voucher so I red it carefully. My hubby and I have needed a vacation and although we kne... Read More »
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