The Consumer Law Group, P.A.

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Debt Negotiation Services

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Posted 12/27/2009

Hazel S.
Review 12/27/2009
I would like feedback on this company. My man of 10 years is getting money deducted from his account monthly and the debts that are to be consolidated have not been taken care of. Has anyone out there dealt with this company? What was your experie... Read More »
Posted 12/1/2009

Kathyrn M.
Review 12/1/2009
BEWARE!!! DO NOT USE THE CONSUMER LAW GROUP for your debt consolidation. They are in business to cheat you out of your money by giving false information regarding how they are going to help you. Be advised, when you call Kansas City, MO, Consumer ... Read More »
Posted 5/1/2009

Lynn L.
Review 5/1/2009
We dealt with this company in Dec. 2008. We were trying to go through a credit counseling service located in our town. When I looked up the phone number in my phone book, there were 2 companies listed (both Consumer Credit Counseling), one with ... Read More »
Posted 4/6/2009

Cassandra R.
Review 4/6/2009
I had a small problem with this company in the past and my so my husban and I bad mouthed them all over the net and to anyone that would listen to us. But we found out later that it was a just a mistake (I was not getting correspondence for them ... Read More »
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