The Genetic Testing Laboratories, Inc.

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Genetics Analysis, Specializing in DNA Paternity Testing  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 7/10/2014

Valerie L.
The customer service rep who assisted me was professional and kept me informed of everything throughout the process. I found the people who helped me to be informative, articulate and clear in their instructions. I would definitely recommend GTL t... Read More »
Posted 3/26/2014

Jennifer G.
Misinformation and errors- would not recommend this lab
I was told conflicting information from four different people. The customer service woman who answers the phone is the worst to give information. I had a 96 something match then was told I had to add a mother. Then it came back a zero match. They ... Read More »
Posted 3/14/2013

Jennifer M.
If someone could explain this to me..
So I have had two expierences with this company, first was Feb of 2012, my daughters alleged father paid for his twin brother to take a familial test with my daughter because he was out of the country, test came back 89.99% positive they were rela... Read More »
Posted 3/4/2013

Kathy H.
Correct results verified by a second test. Fast, easy, reliable, affordable.
We bought the GTL test to see if our son needed to fight for parental rights when his former girlfriend had a baby. The GTL test showed he was NOT the father. Then the girlfriend gave our son's name to the ORS to collect child support so the Sta... Read More »
Posted 10/25/2012

stephanie h.
fraudulent test results
me and my daughter was tested in 2009. my daughter father went through gtldna to see if he was the father. long story short the results came back that he is not the father. i knew that was wrong. he took that result to child support and they didnt... Read More »
Posted 9/26/2012

Victoria F.
I question thier ethics
They collected DNA of New York residents, knowing fully well what they did is illegal. NYS required all NY residence conduct legally binding tests only. I wonder what other things they do in the labs. Makes me question their accuracy.
Posted 9/4/2012

Mary W.
They keep your money if you don't get the test done if the other person backs out!!!! Poor Customer Service!.
Posted 3/15/2011

Jeff R.
Review 3/15/2011
Thank you GTL for providing quick reliable answers to paternity testing. Best advice I ever received from an attorney "get a dna test!" Thank you for providing reliable testing so I could answer once and for all, am I the father? The safeguar... Read More »
Posted 3/17/2009

Joanne J.
Review 3/17/2009
3-6-09 We ordered a legal Missing parent test. We followed the directions to the letter and we received our results in 3 business days with no problems. We are satisfied that the company does a good job. We called, as they suggested, before we ... Read More »
Posted 4/1/2008

Review 4/1/2008
I want to thank gtl for their fast and accurate service. I am extremely satisfied with my results.
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