Top Styler

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Fabulous self contained hot hair roller kit.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 7/20/2012

Linda U.
Just got my Top Styler...
I never order stuff online with a credit card, there are a lot of incompetent people who work offices... it makes for bad impressions on a product simply based on a bad experience with a company's awful staff.

I picked mine up on sale at an As ... Read More »
Posted 7/7/2012

Lauren G.
Total scam
I received the product there was no invoice included with my order. They proceeded to charge my credit card $39.99 for 2 consecutive months. I tried to contact them no response. There was no mention of this monthly charge when I ordered online. I ... Read More »
Posted 6/7/2012

Karen r.
Topstyler does not work! Plus I canceled shipment months ago and they keep charging my acct.
I have called several times to request that they stopped send the stuff. And they still continue to charge my acct and send the stuff and I mark it return to sender each time. Now they are saying that did not receive any shipment back.. ,, plus to... Read More »
Posted 5/14/2012

lina t.
Perfect for the look I'm going for!!
I use my Top Styler quite frequently. I can apply the clams pretty quickly now although it did take some time to master putting them on my own head. I find that if I put them on BEFORE i get dressed and do my makeup that once I am done with all of... Read More »
Posted 5/14/2012

Dana Baker
Love it!
I received my topstyler a week ago and I have been using it on my hair and my daughter's and I absolutely love it! It is easy to use and the curl is so pretty. I am so happy with the results.
Posted 3/4/2012

kim s.
Top Styler
I ordered this product, I'm a stylist and very familiar with curling irons, hotrollers, and flatirons. This product might be easier to put in someone Else's hair instead of your own. When I was finished it looked ok but had fuzzy ends and the curl... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2012

Ema F.
What a joke...this product is not worth your money!
I bought this product after months of debating with myself on spending so much money on myself. In September I orderd the Top Styler with the buy one get one free, with I thought was a great deal. After waiting for almost a month, I was so excited... Read More »
Posted 1/24/2012

Amy R.
TopStyler Does NOT Work!
I bought it after seeing the commercial on tv. What a disappointment! They make you think it only takes 15 minutes to do your hair. That's a joke! After heating up, it took at least 20 minutes, and all 20 clams, to roll all my hair. THEN, you ... Read More »
Posted 1/24/2012

Deborah B.
This is such a crummy product, curls fall out, won't hold the curl for any length of time. The full cost is 119.00 or basically your paying for both, the other one is not free. If your not happy with the product call customer service so they can b... Read More »
Posted 1/21/2012

Jen M.
I, like many, was intrigued about this product so bought it from their infomercial. I received it promptly and promptly learned that it is the biggest piece of garbage. The curls fall out of your hair within 1 hour after completion. The "shell" cl... Read More »
Posted 12/31/2011

Nancy W.
Price & Shipping
If you do not want to purchase online buy at CVS or Target for $99.99. If you don't like it, take it back.
Posted 12/29/2011

Tammy F.
Beware!!! Do not order Top Styler unless you have $150+ to throw away
I ordered the Top Styler from the commercial. It took almost 45 days to receive it. I followed the book and video. The Top Styler does not do what it says it will do. Very deceiving!!! I called to return the unit, but was past my "30 day" r... Read More »
Posted 12/14/2011

Darlene N.
No help from customer service
I got my Topstyler this afternoon and the 1st thing I noticed was I had no "Topstyler Look Book. I called Customer service and was informed they could not send me a book -something vaguely stated about a printing shortage. Then I thought maybe I ... Read More »
Posted 12/7/2011

kathleen s.
The amount to pay
I don't think they are deceiving as people say. They do give total price in the advertisement. It looks like everyone getting upset over the total price. I have ordered this after doing research and i love it. I checked out the website. Then I ... Read More »
Posted 12/4/2011

Wren B.
Top Styler
I have read a bunch of reviews about the Top Styler. Alot of people don't use hair product to help hold the curl in. Hair product like one for heat styling is a must. Top Styler is a great product and you do not have to buy from the infomercial. Y... Read More »
Posted 11/28/2011

Andrea S.
Review 11/28/2011
Do not order from this company, I had no idea about the 30 trial and am being charged extra money, A LOT of extra money. They will DO NOTHING to help me out, they are saying there is NOTHING they can do to refund my money. I have worked in retai... Read More »
Posted 10/31/2011

Vanessa S.
Review 10/31/2011
Don't waste your money! Topstyler doesn't work!! I don't have unmanageable hair and it doesn't last. They claim it lasts 3 times longer than a curling iron but that couldn't be further from the truth. I have shoulder length, fine hair and my curl... Read More »
Posted 10/26/2011

cindy h.
Review 10/26/2011
I purchased the Topstyler,by Instyler, Caldo Caldo LLC this past summer. I purchased it over the "as seen on tv" for the $14.95 trial run. I never received an invoice explaining the "rules and regulations", or to simply say ,this is what you got ,... Read More »
Posted 10/21/2011

samantha m.
Review 10/21/2011
dont understand some of these. i had a great experience when ordering. got my topstyler ,was a little awkward wrapping the finger curls but my hair turned out gorgeous. now after using it everyday i'm really good and quick at wrapping my hair with... Read More »
Posted 10/21/2011

Jean R.
Review 10/21/2011
Just an FYI...Harriet Carter has the top styler for 99.99 plus shipping and I trut them with my cc info. I wouldn't trust this company according to the reviews here. Also, They are very sketchy telling you you can try it for 14.99 and I never sa... Read More »
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