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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 7/6/2014

rudy g.
Tours4Fun made it affordable
Seeing as current Disneyland ticket prices are reaching almost $100 per adult I was able to get discounted tickets from and everyone can get these prices. Will be going again in August.
Posted 4/28/2014

Rafael L.
LA-Vegas-Grand Canyon Tour- Disappointing! Cancelled and no Refund/Rescheudule
Very disappointing. Beware! I was skeptical of the negative online reviews & shunned them at first, but now, I am a believer of such negative reviews in yelp. If there was zero/negative stars available, I'd pick this. I booked a 3 day LA-Vegas... Read More »
Posted 12/13/2013

Lucille S.
Horrible Experience
I took an escorted tour from Tours4Fun to Canada (E Ticket #E-124701). The cost was approximately $300 for an escorted bus tour including hotels. We had to pay additionally for attraction tickets which totaled $218 plus a tip of $7 a day for guide... Read More »
Posted 10/8/2013

andrew k.
I booked an 11 day Yellowstone and Mt.Rushmore National Park Tour and was not told that i will be in a bus with 59 chinese people and a tour guide who could hardly speak english.It was the tour from hell.As an english speaking person i requested a... Read More »
Posted 8/7/2013

Von W.
Terrible Company
Don't ever travel with this company. I bought a tour with my wife and child and it was awful. The food was Chinese food for every meal, the bus didn't have air conditioning, the tour guide spoke in Chinese for 95% of the trip because there were on... Read More »
Posted 7/26/2013

Tammy O.
Shuttle Service San Diego to Anaheim
Ask a lot of questions...The website is very poor and there is information that isn't clear for the consumer e.g. they will pick you up at a hotel (only certain hotels) and you must find transportation to the pick up location. When you reach your ... Read More »
Posted 6/2/2013

erica l.
2013 05 30 2days Washington, D.C. Capitol
I took the 2 days Washington, D.C. Capitol tour in may 30th the tour is good and tour guide liz and ruby very nice
Posted 3/14/2013

Sheila M.
A big thank you Tour4fun
Hi my name is Sheila and i had the pleasure of travelling with you on the 2 day bus trip from New York to Boston. Despite the bad weather we had a very informative trip and got to visit te universities and the aquarium was awesome. I travelled wit... Read More »
Posted 1/27/2013

Greta C.
We have just returned from a 3-day tour from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon, which we booked through the tours4fun website. This has got to be the worst trip that I've ever taken. First, there is nothing on the website nor in the details of this... Read More »
Posted 11/16/2012

shalvi j.
Tours for Fun review for 3 day Montreal-Quebec-Ottawa trip
I wouldn’t recommend a tour booking from Canada from TFF.
It’s a US based company and wouldn’t flash till the end that you are being charged in US dollars (it just says amount in $)
So you end up with a dent on your pocket for the exchange rate ... Read More »
Posted 8/19/2012

An M.
Good economical tours
I took east cost tour with tours4fun and higly recommend. The tour was well organized and hotel were very good. Only thing is you have to get up early to start the tour. I highly recommend this company.
Posted 8/9/2012

Jessie L.
Very Bad Experience !!!
This is my complain about tour # 2-110 (3 days: Solvang - Hearst Castle - San Francisco - Stanford - Yosemite) This is our first tour with your company and we had a very bad experience, from the beginning of the tour to the end of the tour. 1st... Read More »
Business's response - on 11/20/2012
Dear Jessie, Thank you very much for booking with and taking the time to share your thoughts about the 3 day trip you took. We regret to hear that your scheduled Hearst Castle visit was canceled due to delays caused by mechanic... Read More »
Posted 8/6/2012

Sean U.
We travel a lot and were excited to take NY-Niagara Falls-DC bus tour because it promised to be a great trip at an affordable price - the decision we regretted on the very first day. It started with our bus being late for 40 minutes with the rest ... Read More »
Business's response - on 11/14/2012
The customer service team wants to thank you for taking your time to share your sightseeing experience with us and the general public. We wanted you to know that we greatly value your feedback and our customer service team can be re... Read More »
Posted 7/31/2012

Matt J.
A lot of Positives, One Minus
Here is an objective review from an American citizen traveling with ALL Chinese people. First, the good: The guide, Mark, was terrific. He spoke in Chinese first, then English. Info, instructions, even jokes that were not part of the script. The f... Read More »
Posted 5/21/2012

Elvina B.
Tours No Fun
Me and 3 friends bought tour NY-Washington D.C.-Niagara falls- Boston in summer 2011. It was terrible experience because guide was not qualified, he spoke Chinese almost all the time. Majority of people was Chinese, so he didn't notice us and it w... Read More »
Business's response - on 6/15/2012
Dear Tours4Fun customer, Thank you for taking the time to provide your experience while on tour. We are sorry to hear that everything on tour was not to your expectations. It is quite unfortunate that you never contacted us while on tour, as... Read More »
Posted 5/18/2012

Lisa C.
Confirmed My Worries
I booked a tour with Tours4Fun yesterday for my family of 5. After I paid, I received emails saying that a large number of Chinese people have booked the same tour and it will be in Chinese with a translator. Today I received an email saying we ... Read More »
Business's response - on 6/5/2012
We appreciate the feedback, as it helps us better our service for future customers. We have reviewed your reservation and your e-ticket before responding to your notice. The confirmation email and e-ticket did not state that the tour would be ... Read More »
Posted 5/10/2012

Kittery L.
The Worst Experience Ever and a Epic Failure for a Company
The tour have not even started and the process of booking the tour is pure misery. Instead of assisting me, I have to constantly remind them to check their emails. My replies have been lost hence the itinerary was not booked. The sales representat... Read More »
Business's response - on 6/5/2012
Thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback on your tour selection and booking process experience with Your feedback is important to us and our entire service team recognizes that you have chosen Read More »
Posted 3/16/2012

Mike S.
tour objective review, do not be lazy to read it, it's true.
Recently took a west coast usa tour. First of all, if they say the tour will be spoken in English and Chinese, it is a Chinese tour. If you don't speak Chinese , you shall regret about it if you take it. It is made by chinese and for Chinese peopl... Read More »
Posted 2/22/2012

C P.
Would not recommend. Customer service isn't very good
My daughter booked a three day trip and was never picked up. Tours 4 Fun would not refund the money, she was so upset she went to the airport, changed her flight and came home, this was after travelling for four months with no problems.
Business's response - on 2/28/2012
We have conducted our own internal investigation and located order #E-58991 as the matching order to this case. Per our reservation notes: Customer did not show up for pick up at Hilton. Talked with Michael (Tour Manager). Other guests were picke... Read More »
Posted 1/3/2012

marie d.
worst trip ever
that was the worst trip ever!
first of all there were just chinese people ( non of them spoke english) and a guid who was rude and didn't speak english very well.
Once our trip startet it turned out that we had to pay extra ( not optional like ... Read More »
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