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This company offers financial services such as credit reports, property profiles & more.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 12/30/2012

Ira W.
Don't Sign Up fro Free Trial with TransUnion TRUECREDIT/TUS
I cancelled my free trial membership with a day and they are sending me a ton of email spam and based on reviews below I am worried they will charge me anyways.
Posted 1/31/2012

Andrea J.
Why doesn't the Federal Govt reel the Credit Bureaus in and fine them for inaccurate reporting?
I am so tired of being at the mercy of the 3 credit bureaus, especially Trans Union. We should be allowed a rebuttal before something is written in blood! There should be a contact with the Consumer BEFORE they just take a creditor's word that th... Read More »
Posted 5/13/2011

Erica M.
Review 5/13/2011
Posted 1/28/2011

Claire T.
Review 1/28/2011
I paid for a Transunion Credit Report on 1/22/2011 and received a confirmation email and see the charge on my credit card statement. The charge was 14.95 and was purchased on I have been unable to view my credit report sinc... Read More »
Posted 10/28/2010

Peter H.
Review 10/28/2010
Zendough by TransUnion is a credit reporting service. They offer a cancellable membership of $14.95 per month. I signed up with the understanding that I could cancel the service and I did that same day. Despite cancelling having a cancellation n... Read More »
Posted 10/9/2010

Giuseppe L.
Review 10/9/2010
I called to cancel the subscription within 2 hours of ordering it after I realized I did not like the service. The representative told me I would recieve a confirmation e-mail, which I never did, showing my confirmation number and cancellation. ... Read More »
Posted 7/18/2010

Review 7/18/2010
I used "Bank by Phone" to check the last few transactions that had gone through my account. There was a transaction in the amount of $24.95 I had no idea what it was. I called my bank and after they invesitiged the matter. It turns out I have gett... Read More »
Posted 6/11/2010

Christopher W.
Review 6/11/2010
I first used TransUnion Interactive, Inc. website back in 2008 and was happy with my first encounter. Then in 2009 I used their services again to obtain my current 2009 credit report, like in 2008 in 2009 I purchased my credit r... Read More »
Posted 3/20/2010

Brent A.
Review 3/20/2010
I was recently charge $16.95 twice by Privacy Matters 123. I called the number on my statement, which was only a automated service. The automated service would only let me cancel my "membership." There phone number claimed that I had clicked on... Read More »
Posted 3/26/2009

cassidy n.
Review 3/26/2009

This company "Prides" itself on their free trial...yes a free trial until they charge you the $1 fee and then charge your card with a $29.95 fee.

I have dealt with this company on two occasions. the 1st I was charged twice for... Read More »
Posted 3/21/2008

Review 3/21/2008
I went online and got my free annual credit report from transunion credit reporting agency and a few days later, I got an e-mail from truecredit that said I could have my credit monitored for free for 30 days and then 11.95 a month after the free ... Read More »
Posted 1/15/2008

Review 1/15/2008
I payed (TransUnion) $7.95 to see my credit score which would determine if I should take out a loan. As the gentleman before me posted on this site, the number they gave me(that I payed for) was 70 points higher than what TransUnio... Read More »
Posted 10/1/2007

Review 10/1/2007
I had a credit report ran at a car dealership on a Friday. When I got the score from the dealer I was concerned. I went on to TC. I have a membership and had order cbr's numerous times from them. I found on this cbr that the score was off by about... Read More »
Posted 10/1/2007

Review 10/1/2007
This company stinks. I paid them $15 per month for over 3 years and they cancelled me and hundreds of others for "alleged" fraud and or security issues. WHY?Because I pulled my own credit report every couple of days which they ADVERTISE as being t... Read More »
Posted 9/30/2007

Review 9/30/2007
I'm another cancelled True Credit customer who would like to rate them at ZERO stars. I'm supposedly in the 5-7 day review, but am not optimistic. I'm getting ready to refinance, and am checking my credit reports daily - as advertised and as paid ... Read More »
Posted 9/28/2007

Review 9/28/2007
FRAUD IN THE 1ST DEGREE!!!!!!!!! I was a member since 2005 with no problems, paying $9.95/month every month for my subscription. But the in 2007, raised their rates to $14.95/mo. I was grandfathered in at the origi... Read More »
Posted 9/14/2007

Unhappy Cust.
Review 9/14/2007
This companies Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!!

The product as far as checking you credit is very nice. Easy to read, has the other sites beat in my opinion. But the site goes down at least once a week and if you to talk with customer service fo... Read More »
Posted 9/14/2007

Review 9/14/2007
They got one star, only because there isn't a choice for "zero".

Complete rip off and unethical. Advertises unlimited access, then while I was monitoring my credit in preparation for a mortgage, they sent me an email informing me that I was "b... Read More »
Posted 9/13/2007

Review 9/13/2007
TrueCredit's advertisement and TOS offers unlimited access to reports. They penalize people for using the product "as advertised" and "as listed" in the TOS.

From the TC site - "The benefits of your membership including, without limitation, onl... Read More »
Posted 9/13/2007

Review 9/13/2007
"I love TC" is obviously an employee of TrueCredit. The website is down quite often, and their reports are semi-accurate at best. However, when they allow people to use the service they advertise (daily pulls), it IS useful. However, TC has bee... Read More »
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