US Consulting Corp.

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Our company's business provides Consulting and reviewing TILA, Loan Documentation on all types of loans, Underwriting as a third party.  
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Loan Modifications

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Posted 10/17/2011

Sarah P.
Review 10/17/2011
Thank you very much for your wonderful support, it's incredible.
Posted 4/6/2013

Wayne S.
Why does US Consulting have 2 stars?
US Consulting deserves NO stars. I guess you can't select zero stars. :(
Posted 10/16/2012

Rosemary F.
Scammers, I hope they get theirs one day !
I too have been scammed out of $2,500.00. Kat capital as well as US Consulting Corp. have hurt people instead of helping them. I will be calling my county, the US States Attorney and the local TV news investigative reporter. Instead of keeping peo... Read More »
Posted 8/3/2012

alex k.
US Consulting Corp and Kat Carpital are all scammers. The consulting corp took my 1500 dollars then forwarded my case to kat capital. It took few months for kat capital to tel me I did not qualify. Since then I've never been able to call US consul... Read More »
Posted 7/29/2012

Shelly S.
Oh NO! Still scamming!!!
I was scammed back in December by same company, same names (Amanda, Zach). I thought they were caught by now. Last week I got another mailing from a company called Network Capital Funding Corporation. When you go to their website, it is similar an... Read More »
Posted 5/17/2012

stuart p.
got took
us consulting took my money and turned me over to a 3rd party Kat. capital I was never able to contact them after the money cleared I am most likely to late to warn anyone else. Thier line was " go to our goverment backed web site for proof" I did... Read More »
Posted 5/2/2012

Govt Agency must arrest these scammers
Like other people, this company promised me a lot,and charged $1490 (they charged money withing 1 hour, so that I can't change my mind),and for many months just played game by pretending to helping me. When I was rejected by Bank Of America (other... Read More »
Posted 4/18/2012

Allyson W.
Like many others I was scammed. During such a tough financial time to have individuals take advantage of my while I needed help with my mortgage is larger than criminal. I hope we are all able to get our money back in this tough economy. We sho... Read More »
Posted 4/17/2012

Tonie D.
i went to the website to see who these 5 people were. it lists their names, ages but when it listed the companies that they created us consulting corp was NOT one of them so i dont think its the right people! i mean im sure the 5 have scammed peop... Read More »
Posted 4/16/2012

Y R.
Please punish the evil cheater!
Even after cautious web search, BBB check, forum discussion, we did not find any bad review about this US consulting corp on Jan 13, 2012 so we paid $2490 after signed a few agreement document online even though our guts felt something may be wron... Read More »
Posted 4/15/2012

US Consulting Corp.
Me too cheated. They forwarded to KAT Capital in Florida. KAT Capital contacted my lender. KAT Capital send a letter you don't qualify loan modification and no fee charged and paperwork shredded. Message send to me by mail. For documents they ... Read More »
Posted 4/14/2012

Da F.
$tealin ba$t&rd$
stole $2,500 from me. the following individuals should be severly punished & thrown in prison. Justin Koelle, Claudia Cerda, Vance Miles, Nicole Hollinghurst, only have 1st names for the following Jeremy, Zack, Josh, Amanda.....They strung me a... Read More »
Posted 4/14/2012

Shelden P.
Scammed also!
We're one of the unlucky that were scammed out of $2,490. The number 855 236-4077 is "out of service". Can anyone help guide me to get my money back? Should I file a complaint with the California Attorney General? Has anyone filed with any other j... Read More »
Posted 4/8/2012

Michael M.
Another victim of this Scam
I'm another victim of this scam that destroyed my life, took me for $1900 and then no longer answer the phone.told my wife something wasn't right but we were desperate. Amanda Goerner,Zack Camp were contacts and names you shouldn't trust. My bro... Read More »
Posted 4/7/2012

Lev V.
Fraud instead of loan modification
I was contacted by US Consulting Corp last fall and paid $1900 upfront because they assured me that I definitely qualify for loan modification. I've also send them all the necessary paperwork (people in contact were Chris Finical, Zack Camp, and A... Read More »
Posted 4/5/2012

Francois I.
US consulting corp. scammed me and took $1500. If there's any way I can get my money back, please let me know. I know they have been arrested.
Posted 4/3/2012

James C.
US Consulting SCAM?????
US Consulting took my application fee and disappeared. Have not heard from them since and the phones are now disconnected. Very extremely not good. We are in the process of contacting IRS, Banks, FBI and NJ and CA AGs. FTC, Social Security and cre... Read More »
Posted 3/31/2012

Kristen M.
PLEASE do not contact any number affiliated to this company. We received a form in the mail with an official Equal Housing Opportunity logo and called the number provided. Once we spoke to someone we did look into this so called company first an... Read More »
Posted 3/31/2012

Alicia D.
US Consulting Corporation
US Consulting Corporation is a scam! They have taken advantage of many people like myself who have tried to get their mortagage loan modified or restructured which was the case with me. They took $1700 out of my account and refused to stay in cons... Read More »
Posted 3/27/2012

Robert D.
Fearing the worst
I too, like many others, I see, have been taken for large sums of money by these people. I have been calling for a couple of months now with no response. I stupidly gave them $1500.00 and sent quite a bit of personal info to them as requested with... Read More »
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