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US Direct provides Bumper to Bumper, Full Comprehensive and Powertrain coverage to protect you in case of a vehicle breakdown.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 9/27/2011

Dave Q.
Review 9/27/2011
We got an auto warranty off US Direct Protect for the 1st time last year. WE called all the car warranty companies on Google and they all sold the same coverage. We went with US Direct Protect because they gave us the best price on a policy from R... Read More »
Posted 10/25/2013

Tameka B.
I purchased this warranty from Tony Cruz, who was exceptional! However he does not work for this company any more. He gave excellent customer service all the time. The company put these other people in charge and they are going to make US Direct g... Read More »
Posted 10/18/2013

imran p.
Thanks for helping us out.
Thanks for the help getting us covered. When we found out that we couldn't get the warranty through the dealer because the loan ceiling was too high. So we were looking at buying this other car we really didn't want. The dealer then, finally sugge... Read More »
Posted 6/21/2013

Andy K.
Rip Off
March, 02 2013: I called US. Direct and they gave me a good deal for 36 month/ 75K mile auto warranty (Bumper to Bumper). They were extremely nice while selling this policy to me. I paid $300 downpayment. I asked specifically if my car needs inspe... Read More »
Posted 5/20/2013

Mary H.
Run away from this company. Based on my experience I think they are merely SCAM ARTISTS!
On April 18, 2011 I was sold an Extended Warranty for 1560.00. I paid in full as I was told it would be considerably less to do so. We sold the car recently, and had not filed any claims against the policy. I applied for a refund and was told that... Read More »
Posted 5/6/2013

Tyler d.
RUDE! I'm GLAD I did NOT do business with this company.
I found this company through Google by searching for "extended warranty used car", I had plans to cover my newly purchased Chevrolet Silverado. Mark answered and got some basic information, explained he was in charge of determining who w... Read More »
Posted 4/30/2013

Jon V.
Awful Customer Service / DO NOT FALL FOR THESE GUYS
Hello, I never left a review on anything before. This is going to be my first time ever. First of, if a person by the name "Mark" picks up the phone, you are in trouble. He is the worst individual I have ever had to deal with. Very unpro... Read More »
Posted 4/3/2013

David A.
US Direct Protect is the place to get your car`s warranty
We have used US Direct Protect on 3 vehicles over the past 6 years. We never had to file a claim until last month. We expected the worst but got great service.....The entire process was painless. ALL we paid was our deductible of 100.00 and 1 day ... Read More »
Posted 3/30/2013

Minh T.
Peace of Mind
I spent all my savings buying my used Tahoe and was afraid if something broke down I wouldn't be able to afford to fix it. My dealership refereed you and you guys made it real easy to cover the vehicle. Stress free driving makes this truck just th... Read More »
Posted 3/21/2013

Gary M.
Get Your Auto Warranty From US Direct Protect
We called US Direct Protect because our dealership reccomended them to us. We called a few other companies on the internet also but US Direct Protect had the most professional agents that took the time to explain all the different policies we qual... Read More »
Posted 3/15/2013

Rude Customer Service at US Direct
Unfortunately I fell for the oldest trick in the book... purchase now and get an early signing discount... check out the policy and if I don't agree with it then contact US Direct for reimbursement which was supposed to take place immediately. The... Read More »
Posted 3/8/2013

laura m.
Excellent customer service
I bought an extended warranty for my car from US Direct Protect last week and I couldn't be happier. Calvin was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions; he made sure I got a great policy and it's such a relief to know I'm protected if... Read More »
Posted 3/8/2013

Judith W.
Perfect timing
I called US Direct to inquire about a service contract for my 2006 Volvo S60. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Frank B. The policy he offered me was exactly what I was hoping for! The price very economical so bought it on the spot. I've nev... Read More »
Posted 1/25/2013

John W.
US Direct Protect is who my family trusts
I just hung up with my Auto Warranty agent Anthony over at US Direct Protect. We got a 5 year 100k mile Extended Warranty on our 2007 Ford. Before we paid Anthony told me about a 200.00 off coupon over at US Direct`s Facebook page. He did not have... Read More »
Posted 1/10/2013

Steven P.
Do not buy from this company!!!!!
I bought a warranty from this company when I had 82,000 miles on My Oldsmobile. At a 142,000 miles the timing chain went out. I was asked For records on oil changes. I was then asked to allow the shop to tear down the engine. A adjuster then ca... Read More »
Posted 12/13/2012

Tiffany W.
Rude Customer Service
I called to get a quote on a car extended warranty policy, as i currently have one and was looking to switch. The sales man was very pushy didnt want to listen to anything i said, and i could tell he was just all about money. He got upset after i ... Read More »
Posted 10/17/2012

Sylvia M.
Bought a policy in August of 2011 for $1600. The dealership wanted $2100, so I figured I was saving $500, right? WRONG! I basically threw $1600 right out the window by dealing with these snakes. Tried to make a claim yesterday for new u-joints... Read More »
Posted 5/7/2012

Dave C.
Thankyou US Direct Protect Auto Warranty
Long story short. We got an Auto Warranty on my sons Ford Mustang from US Direct Protect because he was going away to College. He is a softmore at Cal State and lives off campus. He has a scholership for track and has practice everyday. His car i... Read More »
Posted 4/9/2012

judy w.
Thank you guys so much
I was watching TV with my sister and we saw you on Lifetime talking to them about your warranty service. She has an older car and is disabled, so I have to help her allot of the time with things like repair bills, so that morning show caught my at... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2012

Kristin S.
US Direct Protect is a Great Auto Warranty Company
My husband and I got an Extended Auto Warranty from US Direct Protect 2 years ago on our 2005 Mercury. I believe we had around 78k miles when we purchased it. We broke down at my sister in laws house in North Tampa last Friday so we had to take th... Read More »
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