United Financial Systems, Inc.

Margate , FL 33063
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This company's nature of business is Credit Counseling and Management Services  
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Credit Counseling and Management Services
Debt Consolidation Services

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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 9/5/2011
Review 9/5/2011
I was a client of UFS for over 5 yrs. I was at the very end of my obligations when I noticed that I... Read More »
Posted 2/3/2011
Review 2/3/2011
There are currently 501 (yes-501) complaints recorded by the Florida Attorney General's office again... Read More »
Posted 12/2/2010
Review 12/2/2010
I have been a customer of UFS for several years now. Things were going fine until starting in Octob... Read More »
Posted 11/20/2010
Review 11/20/2010
Scammers Beware. I think they have or are in the Process of Going out of business and taking everyon... Read More »
Posted 7/9/2010
Review 7/9/2010
DO NOT use this company. First of all you will call USF until you are blue in the face trying to get... Read More »
Posted 3/16/2010
Review 3/16/2010
To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to let you know that what you did for me in 5 years or mayb... Read More »
Posted 2/9/2010
Review 2/9/2010
It is SUCH a weight lifted from my shoulders to have this financial burden over. Your company did a... Read More »
Posted 2/1/2010
Review 2/1/2010
Started this program in Aug. 2004. Started out well. Then like many of the other people who have d... Read More »
Posted 1/26/2010
Review 1/26/2010
This company was awesome to deal with from start to finish. I had gotten in credit card debt for abo... Read More »
Posted 12/18/2009
Review 12/18/2009
Thank you so much for your help, it is much appreciated.

I have been a client of United Fina... Read More »
Posted 12/5/2009
Review 12/5/2009
I have been going through United financial service for about two years and just recently my creditor... Read More »
Posted 10/15/2009
Review 10/15/2009
I was assited very professionally, and the company has placed me on a great plan. Great services!!!
Posted 10/5/2009
Review 10/5/2009
I am not that shocked after reading the other reviews. If anything, it actually scares me a bit. How... Read More »
Posted 9/3/2009
Review 9/3/2009
Please be very careful of who you trust with your money and your credit. I was a client of United Fi... Read More »
Posted 6/15/2009
Review 6/15/2009
I am writing this review to save people from going through the hassle of dealing with this company a... Read More »
Posted 5/21/2009
Review 5/21/2009
Hello I have been a costumer of UFs since 2004. I have through out the years recieved letters from c... Read More »
Posted 5/18/2009
Review 5/18/2009
I have been with this service since August, 2004. I thought that everything was going as planned un... Read More »
Posted 3/17/2009
Review 3/17/2009
I have been with the debt program with this UFS for 2 years. I had problems for the first 3 months o... Read More »
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