United Telecom Inc.

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This company's business is providing long distance phone services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 7/17/2012

Michelle D.
If ANYONE calls stating they are an agent of your phone company, that they are changing your phone service to give you a discount/savings, stay with them til they put the recording on then make them state their full name, have them confirm AGAIN t... Read More »
Posted 1/27/2012

Joseph d.
United Telecom Inc is a Fraud!
I was contacted by Barbra from "AT&T Corporate Office in Los Angeles" stating that when I recently switched to AT&T we were supposed to have received a credit from AT&T which we did not receive. She went further to state "that AT&T had switched fr... Read More »
Posted 8/3/2011

Lauren J.
Review 8/3/2011
The exact same thing happend to me as all of you are describing in your reviews. I with AT&T who told me how to report them to the goverment because what they are doing is called "slamming" and it is illegal. If enough people report them than the... Read More »
Posted 3/18/2011

Damion M.
Review 3/18/2011
SCAM SCAM SCAM. I own a small business where a "Qwest Rep" called about a great offer to lower our current phone bill. Of course I will trust someone calling and stating they are from Qwest. They walk you through this great savings and "preferr... Read More »
Posted 3/3/2011

Review 3/3/2011
I've had an experience quite similar to the other reviewers. Our business has 2 branch stores in other cities and I am the accounting manager for the corporation. United Telecom claimed to have received authorization to assess charges for an unl... Read More »
Posted 1/18/2011

Daria S.
Review 1/18/2011
This same thing happened to my business. They switched us from Verizon without our authorization. I called to ask them who authorized the switch and they told me it was someone named "brenda Curtis". We do not have and have never had an employe... Read More »
Posted 8/30/2010

Cindy O.
Review 8/30/2010
We are a new business. We signed up for comprehensive services with ATT in May 2010. We just learned that United Telecom falsely changes our service through very unscrupulous tactics. They called, identifying themselves as an "agent" of ATT and ... Read More »
Posted 7/9/2010

Review 7/9/2010
This company switched my long distance to them without my permission. When I stopped the phone conversation with them and told them that I did not want "the deal" they were trying to give me the person on the phone was extremely rude and hung up o... Read More »
Posted 12/16/2009

Lorie T.
Review 12/16/2009
This company will falsify information and you will be slammed with expensive charges that were never requested. They get their information from a mailing list and then charge your telephone service provider a third party billing charge. This is a... Read More »
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