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This company's business is providing marketing services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 4/8/2013

William B.
Rip off company
We got suckered into going to the vacation seminar. They said it would only take 90 minutes was actually over two hours. They put on a good show. 4 of the 5 couples bought into the program. This was on a Thursday. (Mistake #1) I paid $6300 for the... Read More »
Posted 3/10/2013

Lynne M.
So far so good
We joined over a month ago and have found the people we speak with very professional and helpful. We've booked some travel with them, but will take advantage of the big savings as we start booking our international travels. I felt they represe... Read More »
Posted 3/4/2013

Jim N.
VACATION SMART INTERNATIONAL DOG AND PONY SHOW Recently I received what appeared to be a travel voucher in the mail. It had the appearance of a check and stated “pay to the order of American Airlines on behalf of (My Name)” and indicated the amo... Read More »
Posted 2/8/2013

Carolyn K.
Sorry Suckers
We attended a presentation but saw through it right from the beginning. I am appalled at the number of people who fall for this scam. I just feel so sorry for the people that bought in. It's sad when you realize that there are so many suckers in ... Read More »
Posted 1/23/2013

Mary Q.
My husband and I attended their seminar and were promised 2 round trip tickets for our time. While we were impressed with their presentation, we were shocked to discover that we couldn't use our tickets from the airport in our city without paying... Read More »
Posted 12/14/2012

Huston M.
How they get Timshares
A sister org, RMA , solicits time share weeks, basically by con tactics, selling VSI memberships for $12,995. All lies.
Posted 8/18/2012

Shirley G.
Bad Experience at VSI Presentation!
I was invited to one of the presentations put on by Vacation Smart International, which was presented as "not a hard sell". I listened to the major pitch and then to a smaller pitch and afterwards, stated that I did not want to purchase their pro... Read More »
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