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Posted 1/16/2014

John S.
Lost $380, considers every business as a "high risk"
We operate a family restaurant, we offer food catering on the side to make extra money. We had 3 clients that paid catering deposit fees through WePay. The first transaction of $125 went through and successfully deposited to our bank account. The ... Read More »
Posted 12/23/2013

Ali S.
Do not use this dreadful company. Run don't walk! After reading the reviews I had a horrible feeling so checked on a "pending" payment. It was for a rental unit and the guest was already there as I expected the payment to go through Frid... Read More »
Posted 11/21/2013

Ben G.
WePay loves holding your money for several weeks. Much worse than Paypal!
We're a small business. We decided to switch to WePay after our payment processor Google Checkout shut down. I must say WePay is god awful. We've received several small orders under $18 from our customers. We can't ship the items because WePay is ... Read More »
Posted 9/5/2013

Andrea S.
SO nice! I chat with the WePay phone people a lot and they have been so nice! They asked if I wanted to write a good review and I sure did!!! WEPAY!
Posted 9/5/2013

Jon F.
Great service!
I've used WePay for a little over a year now. I design and build websites for small businesses and individuals starting their personal brands. I use their invoicing feature and I build payments into my clients' websites. Couldn't be happier with m... Read More »
Posted 9/4/2013

Michael B.
Satisfied business owner!
I've been humming along pretty smoothly so far, and I'm so pleased with wepay's customer service. They are so responsive and I get all of my questions answered. I called in once because a payment was taking slightly longer than usual, but they exp... Read More »
Posted 6/27/2013

charles T.
Scam, fradulant business practices.
I was with wepay for 4 days. Transactions moved appropriately and we processed approximately $1,000 in transactions with them. After the first days we noticed the "reserve" Which means that once you reach a $500 limit they will hold ever... Read More »
Posted 5/8/2013

Marjorie W.
Very disturbing process and outcome BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES
I found We-pay, went through all the verifications processes which took forever and decided to use them a few times, well much to my dismay, I charge the credit cards, wait days and days and days to receive my money and then get some uninformative... Read More »
Posted 4/10/2013

Annie D.
Sadly not what they seem
Well, this was our first experience at trying to accept credit cards. I say "trying" because we didn't get the opportunity through Wepay. The representatives seemed friendly enough, but our first customer using this service had his trans... Read More »
Posted 2/7/2013

William K.
Terrible Experience; Hundreds of Dollars Lost
After looking through similar companies online, I signed up with Wepay to make cc processing available for my customers. Their website tells you that you can take payments within minutes of signing up. After giving my account a day, I started tak... Read More »
Posted 12/19/2012

Penna E.
WePay Is Going To Screw Us Over Too!
Just a WePay account for processing credit cards. Right off the bat they cancelled 2 payments for the excuse that my account wasnt verified, no big deal. We verified the account and spoke directly via the Chat with their support, they stated that ... Read More »
Posted 10/22/2012

John S.
Don't use WePay.com - Payments held in "pending" limbo
Like many of the reviewers on this site, my payments were held perpetually without explanation. It's embarrassing for me as a professional company to be contacting customers about this, and at this point, I have already rendered my service and I d... Read More »
Business's response - by Sophieon 10/29/2012
Thank you for this feedback and we're working on improving our processes so this doesn't occur in the future. Payments are reviewed as they come in with any information provided, and we're putting in place more procedures to prevent situations lik... Read More »
Posted 9/11/2012

James S.
WePay made my life easier!
I am a sucker for online shopping, so that led me to online selling! 75% of my income now comes from selling items I own online... WePay made my online collections so much easier and thanks to WePay I now sleep easier at night knowing that I will ... Read More »
Posted 9/6/2012

Raj B.
completely not reliable
I really had some high hopes for this company. I currently am a landlord wanted to get monthly payments to be transferred electronically. I thought this was a great idea. The fact is this is an unreliable microcapital company. I think they just do... Read More »
Posted 8/22/2012

Jason B.
Customer Service is Useless
It's been over 48 hours since I've requested an ACH withdrawal from my Wepay account to my bank and nothing has showed up. I've been told that I won't have access to the funds until "the end of day today" (whatever that means). That's 3 business... Read More »
Posted 7/24/2012

Bait and Switch
I was also confident i had a good paypal alternative. prior to signing up with wepay, i called and asked about policy and procedure and was given a very simple explanation : I sign up, collect, and cash out. The actual process however differed. M... Read More »
Posted 4/23/2012

Diahann C.
Best Customer Service I have ever had experience with
My husband and I own a business and we use WePay to charge our customers' credit cards. The best feature I have seen so far is their customer service department. I wanted to give them a good word today for the whole world to see. They have an onli... Read More »
Posted 4/10/2012

k c.
Great service
Spent many years fighting PayPal, needed something else. Did my research and it seemed that WePay was the way to go. Wonder why I wasn't there earlier! Customer service is great. Yes, you might have to wait a bit on the phone to talk to someone, ... Read More »
Posted 4/4/2012

John R.
Get Used to Seeing "Pending"
My big issue with WePay was all of my transactions go right to "pending" status. Now, as a merchant you might think this is simply the typical 2 to 3 business days it takes for transactions to process. Assuming this is the case is a huge mistake. ... Read More »
Posted 2/21/2012

Mark M.
Horrible WePay Experience!!!
My experience with WePay was nothing short of disastrous!!! I was looking for an alternative to PayPal so I thought I had something with WePay. My customers could not pay me and in one case WePay held a customers paymnet for $300 for 3 days then p... Read More »
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