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This company's business is producing software that repairs, optimizes, and protects Windows computers.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 12/5/2012

Michael L.
don't trust them
iolo is the most miserable company I have dealt with in a long time, do not trust them. I had some serious issues that needed management attention involving a test of my computer that I believed was just to suck me into buying their premium ser... Read More »
Posted 12/4/2012

ken s.
Unethical Business Practices at iolo technologies
I was advised by Iolo Technologies that I needed to purchase their "unlimited troubleshooting" service package for 199.95 which is provided by Avangate. Not only did the technician not fix the problem, but said that a more experienced technician w... Read More »
Posted 6/28/2012

Regina Z.
The best PC tune-up software
System Mechanic is truly the best PC tune-up software. It has sped up my old computer considerably and it ensures that it continues to run in optimal condition. The customer support is also truly wonderful - always helpful and friendly. Thank you ... Read More »
Posted 2/9/2012

Mattias M.
System Mechanic
I am quite impressed with System Mechanic! I no longer have to experience the eventual slow downs and crashes that occur with out it. It is so fast & easy to use. It came with my new PC and at first I thought it looked like just another lousy prog... Read More »
Posted 12/6/2011

walter c.
iolo system shield
If you want to crash your computer, install this product. I have 2 down, don't know what killed #1. There is no display on the monitor. It just beeps and attempts to start. I bought #2. Since I didn't know what crashed #1, I installed iolo system ... Read More »
Posted 8/5/2011

Mike S.
Review 8/5/2011
I am sorry for those who have had problems with iolo. I have the opposite experience, having used System Mechanic for at least the last 5 years (maybe more)with absolutely no problems. I renew the license every year because I trust the product a... Read More »
Posted 4/15/2011

Michael M.
Review 4/15/2011
I have had IOLO System Mechanic installed on 2 desktop computers for the past 1 l/2 years. I am very happy with the results I have gotten from the program. Both computers are several years old and I firmly believe they are running at their optim... Read More »
Posted 4/6/2011

Susie M.
Review 4/6/2011
System Mechanic, by iolo has once again exceed my expectations. I just recently upgraded to version 10 and my PC has been running faster than ever. The only complaint, I wish they made it for MAC. My poor apple comp has been running very slow, but... Read More »
Posted 4/5/2011

Warren S.
Review 4/5/2011
Total Care product for 3 machines - what a hassle! I have two machines that have successfully used the Total PC Care product...and they seem to work, but the TECH PERSON who attempted to help me with the 3rd installation was totally unable to fix ... Read More »
Posted 3/31/2011

john k.
Review 3/31/2011
My experience with Iolo products have been quite positive. I purchased System Mechanic because my computer would not even boot to the bios screen and within 5 minutes I was up an running again.When i first ran the complete scan I was so surprised ... Read More »
Posted 3/29/2011

Samantha J.
Review 3/29/2011
After reading everyone's reviews on here, it's hard to believe that these things are happening. First of all, I have been using iolo's products for well over three years. Never have I encountered issues, (like that the one's that were stated)but a... Read More »
Posted 2/21/2011

Karen M.
Review 2/21/2011

I will echo what another person that complained wrote:

Steer clear of all products made by this company. I bought System Mechanic Pro for $59.99 plus tax at Best Buy's 6 months ago. The box claimed it would... Read More »
Posted 8/26/2010

fcarb t.
Review 8/26/2010
I can't believe IOLO just contacted LABBB today -- 3.5 years later -- as their *first* response to a claim I lodged against them with the LABBB! LABBB asked me to respond within a week to their *rebuttal*; Otherwise, they'll drop my claim. Their ... Read More »
Posted 6/17/2010

Jo S.
Review 6/17/2010
Company stated on the packaging that it could retrieve outlook emails, after installing my outlook will not open and the tech person could not retrieve my email, but they could make my computer faster for 60 dollar charge. All they are is a scheme... Read More »
Posted 5/3/2010

James K.
Review 5/3/2010
I purchased their "System Mechanic" program from Sam's Club. Who wouldn't with all the positive claims and testimonials covering the box. I installed it successfully, ran the software, and my 2008 HP Pavilion froze..No response from task manager... Read More »
Posted 1/23/2010

I. E. B.
Review 1/23/2010
DriveScrubber 3.0 I have three pc's - hp pavillion Vista32 5yrs old, hp touchsmart Win7 8GB 6 mo's old, dell D600 512k 10 yrs old. Error when running total wipe out on both hp's. Works fine on dell. My career has been in technical support and I r... Read More »
Posted 10/29/2009

Felix R.
Review 10/29/2009
System Mechanic doesn't work. It disabled software and hardware on my PC that was working fine and did not do what it advertises. I tried contacting the advertised 24 customer care/customer service. It doesn't exist, it's a web site that apparentl... Read More »
Posted 7/8/2009

R W.
Review 7/8/2009
Can't I give them ZERO STARS?

Steer clear of all products made by this company. I bought System Mechanic Pro for $69.99 plus tax at Fry's months ago. The box claimed it would revive dead drives. It also had a 100% money back guarantee if it did... Read More »
Posted 12/27/2008

Randy J.
Review 12/27/2008
The only reason why I gave the company 1 star is becuase you can't give them zero stars.

Their cusomer service sucks. If you have a problem, all they ever tell you is "We are aware of your issue and are doing everything we can to address it" or... Read More »
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