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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 4/13/2012

Terry M.
Great Service From Berry Catherine @ MMOXE
Berry Catherine ( Great Service Rep Ever ! ) Fast Service Friendly. MMOXE Has a Great Service Team.... +10 For Berry Catherine Customer Service. Thanks for your Business.
Posted 6/28/2011

Anthony K.
Review 6/28/2011
I thought Vivian was doing her best. For some reason she didn't think to send me the image of the CD-Code over chat after trying to send the email 20 times but I know she was trying. I got what I paid for eventually. I was strange that I had to s... Read More »
Posted 6/3/2011

Anthony o.
Review 6/3/2011
Customer service was great Kristeen, checked on my order and even tho there was a little confusion, she would not stop helping me until everything was taken care of and I was 100% happy. She did a great job. Thank you Kristeen, I do recommend this... Read More »
Posted 3/29/2011

Kyle B.
Review 3/29/2011
I was very skeptical at first, but I purchased a CD key for a game and instantly received my CD key in the support chat and it worked!! You can trust this website. Thank you Nia for your wonderful support! A+++ website. This is not a fake review... Read More »
Posted 2/23/2011

roberto a.
Review 2/23/2011
well this company , for me is the best out there in the web, with the lowest
price and best customer service. Dan was my customer service guide and I definitely recommend him, he was polite even when I was being impatient, asking about my order,... Read More »
Posted 9/19/2010

Rover W.
Review 9/19/2010
This vendor supplied $10K Lindens for Second Life by consumer PayPal advance purchase. Within minutes, the receiving Second Life account was frozen by Linden Laboratories and this freeze, by security team at Linden Laboratories, lasted for 2-3 da... Read More »
Posted 5/27/2010

Jim G.
Review 5/27/2010
I want to give you some guides on purchasing through mmoxe here. Mmoxe support many popular games including Dark Age of Camelot, Guild Wars, Star Wars Galaxies, Eve, WOW and Aion.
You can track your order using one of three different methods, thr... Read More »
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