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  • Rocky Iorio is a pathological liar who is diagnosed BiPolar II and has a history of harassing coworkers, clients and people who he is angry with. R... Read More »
  • I just passed my SAFE MLO Test with a high-performance score of 94% in June 2020. I took the 20-hour course from CJ Rice and also took the test pre... Read More »
  • We are on a very tight schedule in preparation for an overseas move and used Moving Nation to move most of our things into storage in California].... Read More »
  • I’m moving with this company for the second time and there weren’t any problems, there were a couple of boxes crashed but it was my fault as I didn... Read More »
  • Using Royal Green as a vendor, if your appliance installation is without issues, is fine. If there are any issues, however, no matter how small, ex... Read More »
  • I had nick Carrera help me and he was completely unprofessional . Big chip on his shoulder . They lure you with a lot of terminology and confuse yo... Read More »
  • Such a hard working company to work with, NVA Home Service has gone above and beyond what any other company has done in my home cleaning my gutters... Read More »
  • After sitting through their presentation & paying for discounted travel services, we have tried numerous times to contact this company without any... Read More »
  • The Perfect Solutions team is highly-experienced, trained, and certified to ensure quality garage door service, repair and installation. From diagn... Read More »
  • DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY.. IT IS A SCAM! After several months of not using E-Merchant Club, I called requesting a cancellation. I w... Read More »
  • I have been coming here as a patient due to my prolapsed uterus issues. I’ve been treated horribly and not only they’ve prolapse my rectum as well,... Read More »
  • Kia has said it is because of a upgrade on their system in March is why they are having problems posting payments. I payed June payment May 20th o... Read More »
  • Mike and John are the con artist for this company. They will blind you to make you believe that you are in good hands but when they get your money... Read More »
  • Quality work at an affordable and fair price. Beautiful workmanship, easy to work with, and listens to what the customers input. Was on time every... Read More »
  • Horrible, horrible service. No one answers the phone (not even for sales). No one answers emails unless on a whim. Maybe 1 in 25 emails sent gets r... Read More »
  • helped me understand some of my reasons for anger Read More »
  • This has changed my life. It was a very enlightening experience reading about the sheer number of domestic abuses that happen in everyday life. Som... Read More »
  • They missed the build ship date - Wouldn't commit to a new shipment date Horrible customer support Read More »
  • If I could leave less than 1 star I would. This company has the WORST customer service of anyone I have done business with. Not only did it take ne... Read More »
  • I have got the Dacor refrigerator from partsips with reliable price. Thanks for PartsIPS Read More »
  • Autopay system they have is stupid. It doesn't know which day the next payment should be and will pay a due payment the same day autopay was setup.... Read More »
  • These guys are really pros! I wasn't sure what I was going to get since I had worked with a place called RE Law Firm in the past, but this was a ha... Read More »
  • Terrible Organization that is only interested in lining their own pockets. They charge our community thousands of dollars and do nothing. They prop... Read More »
  • I purchase a windows for my house 20 years ago. United Windows at that time were not the best windows but they had the best warranty of any manufac... Read More »
  • Enterprise Consultants Group did as they promised. Got my tax debt down to ZERO. I highly recommend them. I can’t thank them enough. Read More »
  • When they screw up the installation appointments, they don't do anything to make up for it. Total BS customer service. Read More »
  • For any property management company, the community manager assigned to an HOA can be hit or miss. My Association has had both fantastic managers an... Read More »
  • Definitely not happy! Initially spoke with Andrew to get some questions answered when I wanted to move forward I emailed him back, he did not reply... Read More »
  • not the cheapest company we have worked with but they definitely deliver on what they promise. Read More »
  • we had what I would consider a positive experience working with a gentleman from Tavas. We originally were called up by one of their sister compani... Read More »
  • thanks to sms I was able to get everything in order for our loans. this allowed me to keep almost everyone on and the doors open. Read More »
  • Good value for the money. They were able to come in and help us train our new bookkeeper on our systems. Read More »
  • don't really have much to say other than they came and did what we asked them to which to date no other company was able to do. Read More »
  • It’s very unfortunate that many reputable employers use this terrible outsourced company to handle sensitive information of prospective employees.... Read More »
  • I had to open a dispute with paypal for a fraudulent seller. The seller uploaded false information about the purchase, and paypal not only sided wi... Read More »
  • This is the worst mortgage company ever. I was in a bankruptcy and after 5 years and a discharge they are still stating they are missing payments.... Read More »
  • I have sold gold to four times now. Anytime I needed customer service they were always very detailed, quick, and friendly. I've tr... Read More »
  • The ducts are now properly cleaned. Will use them again in the future. Read More »
  • As of this writing, they are illegally withholding the money they owe me, per the contract, and my possessions that they erroneously omitted from m... Read More »
  • When I contacted FNVL I asked for a visit for volume estimation and they said they have a reliable system for such calculation: the 1st calculation... Read More »
  • For the second time in the last six months, I had the opportunity to work with Alex and his agency. The cooperation is very pleasant and fruitful!... Read More »
  • I don’t normally praise movers because they always manage to screw up something all the previous times. Moving Nation is the first moving company t... Read More »
  • ___
    I would definitely recommend Loan Depot to my friends and family. The star of the show was our Loan Officer, Daniel Conrad. He was amazing as he sp... Read More »
  • I contracted them to install new unit and take existing working unit to another house I own to install. He agreed to install older unit for fee of... Read More »
  • They told me by email that the shoes I ordered were in stock and would ship the next day. But I never received any kind of shipping information. I... Read More »
  • These guys were pros from the moment I spoke to them. They helped me go through the mountains of issues I had with my mortgage and through their ha... Read More »
  • So far, I feel that I have learned several really good things about anger that I didn't realize could be true before. I had hoped that I would find... Read More »
  • NOT COVID COMPLIANT - UNSAFE!!!I called Around the Clock and apparently this is now where your call goes. DO NOT use the. The technician was dismis... Read More »
  • Just checking in as to why I don't get a consultation for a roof leak inspection and repair after 4 x phone calls and 3 x emails over a week's peri... Read More »
  • Very Satisfied with the used engine that I received from UEAT. Read More »
  • I placed an order on 6/27 and I have sent Flex Seal multiple email's requesting an estimated delivery date. I have not heard from them so I decide... Read More »
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