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AMERICAN MODEL SEARCH is it ligit or not???
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1/6/2010 8:35 PM (PST)

is the AMERICAN MALL MODEL SEACH ligit??? they asked for $150 but that still isnt alot and some ppl say its good and others dont... if you have any info plzz answer me.

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1/7/2010 7:55 AM (PST)

Here is a report from BBB Phoenix -

Remember that these companies typically prey on people with hopes of becomming successful as a model. Promises are made and customers are often forced into impulsive and ill-advised decisions.

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7/2/2010 3:03 AM (PST)

Actually Tori, if you click on the link that Rick gives you, you will see that the company he has posted is not actually the 'american mall model search', but a different model search (which very well could be a scam... I researched the company you are questioning, and they are legit... here is their correct BBB profile And you will always be asked to purchase a portfolio, no matter where you go. You have to have photos to show, and they aren't free to print for any company. So, no matter where you go (i.e ford models, wilimena, or somewhere else) they will tell you to put together a porfolio, and get headshots done elsewhere, whereas this agency helps you out, by making you a portfolio to take with you to auditions...

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7/12/2010 8:10 AM (PST)

My daughter was chosen to make it to the second round also and I paid the $50 for her portfolio but I contacted her father afterwards because he models and acts also and he too said that AMMS is a Scam and that a real agency will not ask for ANY MONEY, not even for a portfolio. Unfortunately, since they do not offer refunds, I will lose the first $50 but atleast I got the heads up about them before I paid them anymore money. I feel bad for the other contestants that are not going to do their researh before they pay AMMS anymore money though.

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9/5/2022 7:56 PM (PST)

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