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Best Foods For Babies Under 1 Year Of Age
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12/6/2018 10:24 PM (PST)

Wondering what are the top best foods for your little one who has just joined your family? You are not alone on the list rather all the new parents have the same question. So, we have mentioned here some of the best foods for your baby until she completes 1 year. · Breast milk is the best food for babies. It supplies all kind of nutrition to the babies till the age of 6 months. Only breast milk is enough for your baby till six months and then you can introduce solid and other foods slowly. Many mothers stop breastfeeding after six months while you can continue this along with other foods. · Once the baby completes six months, introduce the iron-rich foods and cereals. Babies are born with enough supply of iron that protects them till six months of age. And then start feeding her oatmeal, barley, iron-fortified foods etc. · Yogurt is another good food for the babies. Yogurt has a huge amount of calcium and live active cultures. Normally cow milk is not suggested to offer to the babies less than 1 year of age as its high protein is not easily digestible by the small babies. But, how the yogurt made from milk is good for the baby. The reason is the milk protein is removed in the yogurt and the lactose is broken down. So, it is easily digested by them. · Sweet potatoes are highly nutritious for the small babies. It offers a great amount of Vitamin A to the body. And Vitamin A is really helpful for their health, skin, vision etc. while it also helps them stay safe from any infectious diseases. · Coming to the fruits, you can introduce banana and ripe avocados. But stay away from any citrus or acidic fruits as it will cause acidity or botulism in them. These are the best foods for the babies under 1 year of age. Two foods that are best to avoid till 1 year of the baby is cow’s milk and honey. Both causes botulism and the baby will have a digestive issue. If you are looking for a good online store as well for your newborn, then check out Popreal. This online shop has everything in store starting from newborn baby socks, princess Belle dress etc. They offer a great discount also. So, you can win the best deal here. Visit once and you will be highly amazed by their collection and service.

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