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Beware of Balboa Capital
Category: Business
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6/27/2010 12:34 PM (PST)

Are there any more folks out there who have had a negative experience with Balboa Capital?

I can't rightfully say that they are scamming people, but I can say from my experience, that if you are currently in a contract with Balboa Capital or if you are considering doing business with them......Read the contract and demand that they explain terminology and options.

ESPECIALLY>>>>>if you have more than 180 days left in your contract and have a Fair Market Value option.....GET OUT YOUR CONTRACT AND READ IT! I found my nightmare with Balboa in paragraph 16.

I wish someone had told me about the "Evergreen Clause".....

In their solicitations they tell you that they "...look forward to building a relationship...." But after the first dance with Balboa, I'm looking elsewhere for a relationship.

JB Carroll
Log, Stick and Steel, LLC

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6/28/2010 5:15 PM (PST)

Thanks for your help

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1/6/2011 4:11 PM (PST)


Did you actually read your contract before you signed it? A company can't scam people because it's a legal document and they would be liable. Most complaints are due to the fact that business owners don't read the contracts they sign and later change their minds.

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