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5/10/2010 1:34 PM (PST)

Anyone else having problems with the termination fees?
I read over the entire agreement and not once did I find anything that was specific to my account.
I have filed a case against them with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General in Michigan, and would like to start a class action lawsuit against them, but need additional complaintants.

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5/10/2010 1:59 PM (PST)


You can search for any discussion topic or business name posted to the Community by using our Google Custom Search. Just click on Ask the Community at the left side bar of this page and enter Direct TV to view and communicate with others with Direct TV experiences.

Thank you

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6/26/2010 7:43 PM (PST)

We have been DIRECTV customers for over 10 years, since they bought out our previous satellite service provider. Under that original contract, we paid for PROGRAMMING only, not for the equipment or service to it. Suddently, they are taking on lease fees and service contract fees. After a 90 minute conversation with several representatives, the only solution I found acceptable was to discontinue service. Now they want ME to uninstall THEIR equipment and mail it back to them (I am not about to try to climb onto my roof to do that!!). If I don't, I will be charged some other fee. My response was that I would see them in court, and to expect a counter-suit to cover the damage to my siding that has occurred through the years from the various dishes that have been installed there!!!

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