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Directv early termination fees (When THEY canceled my account)
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4/19/2011 11:22 AM (PST)

Directv trying to charge termination fees when THEY canceled because I didn't agree to new terms of Customer Agreement! They cancelled my account and put in notes that I CALLED TO CANCEL, I never did only told them I did NOT agree to new customer agreement terms (in which case they would have to cencel my account)They are basically calling me a liar, but it is my word against their word! Has anyone had any success fighting to get back early termination fees when Directv cancelled the account? Any help would be great!

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4/19/2011 2:56 PM (PST)


You can search for any discussion topic or business name posted to the Community by using our Google Custom Search. Just click on Ask the Community at the left side bar of this page and enter Direct TV to view and communicate with others with Direct TV experiences.

Good Luck!

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