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Freedom Legal Plans / Reaching U network SCAM
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9/15/2011 4:52 PM (PST)

These people are SCAM ARTISTS!!!! BIG TIME They buy the credit reports that state who is in Foreclosure and they SOLICIT you using another SCAM company called REACHING U network. They tell you all of these wonderful stories about how you can get your house for FREE. They con you into getting a free consultation with an Attorney, who is some guy in New York!!! My house was in Texas! I seriously Doubt he would fly to Texas and help me. Freedom Legal then puts you in a bogus program called MAP that takes 4 months to get you an Audit of your home. *** NEWS FLASH*** it only takes one week to get the AUDIT done. THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!! The Salesmen there are VERY PUSHY!!! And they YELL at you on the phone. The whole thing is a sham! I was with them for 10 months at $750 per month. I didn't want to believe that I would lose my house, but I ended up losing it. I could have been $8,000 richer had I NOT been ROBBED by Freedom Legal. NEVER AGAIN..... PLEASE GO GET AN ATTORNEY OUT OF THE YELLOW PAGES!

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