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Have others had legal wranglings with this guy?
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2/1/2011 4:04 PM (PST)

I am having legal problems with Get It Done Services of San Jose. I have come to distrust the business owner and don't want to go forward with an agreement we discussed but never finalized. For one thing, I can't go ahead because the terms of the agreement would be illegal; moreover, Get It Done holds no building contractor's license and could not legally do the work. I am now being sued in small claims court for breach of contract. I notice that the person who holds this fictitious name has been in small claims court on a regular basis over a long period of time. Have others had similar problems?

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2/3/2011 7:23 AM (PST)


Sounds like an aweful experience and although you still can report their unlicensed activity to Contractor State License Board it will not assist you in getting your uncompleted work done.

I linked Get it Done's BBB report above your question above for you to view their report. They do have one complaint that closed unfavorably on file. You may also file a complaint with the BBB to see about either stopping the court action or recovering any monies paid into this unlicensed contractor.

I would also suggest you gather as much information about the company and bring it with you to court to show the unlicensed activity and any illegal activity including within your contract to support your position.

You may file your BBB complaint at their BBB report above and here's the link to report them to the CSLB:

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