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Is Freedom Legal Plans a reliable company to deal with my mortgage situation?
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9/19/2011 7:48 PM (PST)

I recently came into contact with lawyers from Freedom Legal Plans through an attempt to avoid foreclosure on my home. I was asked to send them $750 per month while they check out my mortgage papers. With this amount being taken out each month, there is no way that I can continue to pay my mortgage, which has become more difficult due to mounting personal and financial issues. I don't know what to do.....Should I not work with these people anymore and just contact a local attorney to see if I can get a mortgage reduction (my lender has turned me down twice). I don't want any surprises. I have no where else to live. I need to be able to stay in my house.

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9/21/2011 2:49 AM (PST)

I am not totally sure about it because I am hear or use this site but, this site is perfect and used by me for few past months.

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