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Is RMA Law Group Legit?
Category: Business
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3/22/2012 10:40 AM (PST)

I am looking for information on RMA Law Group, Hollbrook NY 11741. So far my search has led me to Alarcon Legal Group which was started at the same time as RMA (November 2010) and located at the same address. In and of itself that is not suspicious because a practice might be split into two groups that work on different things. Then it leads me to Bret Margolin, attorney, and an unnamed foreclosure help company that answers their phone "Mortgage Center" and is located in Clearwater Florida. They say they work with Stout Law Group also located in Florida. I would appreciate any information that anyone can give me about RMA Law Group and any of the other companies I have mentioned. Thanks

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3/29/2012 8:58 AM (PST)

Hi Bill, we have emailed each other before. I am searching for a client who was scammed by RMA Law Group. I work with an advocacy group in Milwaukee and assist people who have been scammed. I know all of these are scammers and I am looking for them to complete the complaint to the state. If I can give them enough information then sometimes the Department of Justice investigates. I have full names for 2 non-attorneys.associated with it who are recently operating in Michigan. I always file complaints with the BBB, the national database (loan modification scam prevention network) and check places like Linked-In for the individual's. I've found 2 that way in the last 6 months. So, keep up your posts warning people. I chime in when I have the time. I am preparing a complaint to the California Bar about two businesses there run by attorneys. They are not spectacular at policing their own but it's worth a shot. Dorothy

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1/11/2013 7:34 PM (PST)

Eric Holder: Launch a full-scale election fraud investigation in Waukesha County, WI The actions in Waukesha -- finding ballots twice - not once - just when needed most must be investigated. All the election data on the clerk's personal computer with software written for her is suspect enough. But she also had worked for Prosser and Walker! Everything should have been impounded quickly after the election. Now too much time has gone by and the clerk has had time to cover her tracks. Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin No citizen has the right to ignore the US Constitution no matter what laws are passed in a state. Mr. Zimmerman clearly violated another citizens rights to several provisions of the US Constitution.

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