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4/13/2011 5:25 PM (PST)

MLG LAW GROUP are they good or bad?

Are they a fraud?

Please, I need an honest answer.

I'm already in debt do not need more problems.

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4/16/2011 12:19 PM (PST)

Here is my results with these people. They send letters of seize & communication to my creditors. I have not received one phone call from my creditors. I contacted my creditors 2 weeks ago just to make sure they have been contacted. My creditors told me they have and told me that we can't contact you because of the power of attorney letters. When I reviewed the BBB reports a year ego. They were A- rating. I did my homework,but there communication is horrible. They never called me to consultated me, only person that did was the original person that signed up with them. I decided to review the BBB report and see the F rating and all these horrible stories. I am enough debt as is and its making me nervous. I dont know what to do or should I do? Please, Help.

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