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Southwest Hearing Associates' Shane Jaramillo, Pres.
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10/15/2010 3:52 PM (PST)

Has anyone in Albuquerque done business of late (today is 15 Oct. 2010) with Southwest Hearing Associates? We are in swNM and Mr. Shane Jaramillo, the president of the company does not return calls for appointments now that we have the hearing aids....and as of calling today, the phones no longer work at his Albuquerque and Ruidoso offices. Shame on him. Any idea where he can be found would help.

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10/18/2010 7:20 AM (PST)


Although it looks like they haven't received any complaints, their file is under review with the BBB in NM. You should contact the BBB to find out if they have any ideas on how you can get in touch with the business owner.

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10/27/2010 12:19 PM (PST)

I am the Head of Operations for Worth Hearing Center in Albuquerque. From what we understand, and according to an article in the Albuquerque Journal that was published on Oct. 25th, Mr. Jaramillo has closed his office and disconnected all of his office and personal phone numbers. In lieu of the situation, our office will be offering as much support as possible to any patients who were seen at Southwest Hearing Associates. If your hearing instruments are within their warranty period through the manufacturer we will be providing free services to his previous patients and for those who are out of warranty we will serve as a go-between for the patient and manufacturer. We have experienced, educated, and well-trained Audiologists on hand who can provide services to you and will hopefully alleviate some of the stress that Mr. Jaramillo has caused. If you or anyone you know would like our help please contact our office at 505-872-4327. We do have a close relationship with another Audiology practice in Alamagordo who is also willing to assist with any services or advice. We encourage you to contact the Speech Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispenser's Board in Santa Fe at 505-476-4640 and file a complaint.

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