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Was mislead and given wrong info, now being charged storage fees for extra time--HELP!!!
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9/2/2010 11:27 PM (PST)

Took my car there for an estimate on 8/7. Was told by Tom that he would submit a supplement to the insurance company on 8/16 (also mentioned to Tom that I may not have my car repaired, but was waiting for insur co to confirm receipt of supplement before I made final decision). On 8/21, went to shop and was going to tell them I wanted to have the car reassembled but was told by another person Ted (assistant manager) that my supplement was sent in to my insurance co and they would be coming back out sometime that week to do a second assessment for the supplement. On 8/23, Tom said that the insurance co would only come out for the supplement ONCE the repairs were authorized and started (and tried to push me to sign the authorization). On 8/25, my insurance co confirmed that Tom never sent in the supplement (copied from an email from my ins co—“Tom never called us to advise of the supplement, likely because they knew you were not going to repair the car.”). On 8/28, after confirming the supplement with the insurance (that I had to send in myself), I called Tom to tell him I did not want to do the repairs and wanted my car reassembled. I’m being charged 23 days of storage fees ($1265), plus $950 teardown, and $350 admin fees (was told this is paperwork, dealing with ins co, etc.) total = $2565. Is also being told that I have to pay cash only. Should I have to pay for storage since Tom did not send in supplement (knowing I was waiting for ins co to confirm it) and Ted “confirmed” supplement was sent in and insurance co was coming back out (was never the case since they never received the supplement)? Should I have to pay admin fees since Tom did not follow-through with paperwork and ins co like he said he did? Can they make me pay cash only? PLEASE HELP!

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9/3/2010 10:50 AM (PST)

Hi Tam,

The method of payment accepted by the company is determined by the company itself, so they can choose to only accept cash if they wish. As far as the other charges, you may want to consult with the Bureau of Auto Repair. Their website is

You can also file a complaint against the company if you wish. We show that they are not Accredited but they have satisfactorily addressed the 2 complaints filed against them.

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