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advice on a remodification of home loan
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2/8/2010 8:07 PM (PST)

I'm thinking about a remodification for my home. I'm not in foreclosure at this time and still keep up with my payments. I heard you can do a re-mod and claim hardship. I have been out of full time employement for a year and would like to use this hardship to lower my payments. I came across Friendly Financial services which is foreclosure consultants. No fee is charge except for $1695.00 for the lawyer fee. Yo can do financing of 1/2 30 days and the other 1/2 the next 30 days. They gave me an estimate of what my saving per month would be. Company has a B rating and 3 comments about their business. ONe good, two not so good. And advice? Would the best thing to do is good back to my lender to see about a remodification or use a HUD to advice? I hear to use a non-profit ( according to scams article) that will not charge any fees.
Advice is greatly appreciated.

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2/9/2010 1:18 PM (PST)

Thanks so much Bill.

I didn't know that even though, the consuler said that I was qualified to get the modification, I didn't know that it was not guaranteed! And to ask for the lawyer fee ( half now, half later) set my flags up. And I DID NOT know that it could be adjusted after I find enployment. And then be responsible for that at the end of the loan. WOW! I did find the article on Scams concerning this quite information whick lead me to ask and expert. ( I am not)
I appreciate all your advice!!

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