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has anyone bought any health insurance from vital one healthcare a co. located in florida
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4/14/2010 10:50 AM (PST)

i would like to know has anyone bought any health insurance from vital one healthcare that is located out of fl. i spoke with and insurance rep and they claim to be licensed in all 50 states, i need health insurance, they did offer a great rate, but i dont know much about the company and would like to know have anyone else had dealings with or has bought any insurance from the company. please let me know asap.

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4/14/2010 11:34 AM (PST)


I have linked the company's BBB report but noticed it is vague. You may want to contact your state licensing department to ensure they are licensed for the services they provide before you give them your information or agree to pay.

Here's the California dept of managed healthcare

Thank you.

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4/14/2010 2:22 PM (PST)

Lekisha, I'm reposting an article that appeared on our network's Facebook page just today, in fact:

Health care is changing. With that change you will see confusion. Con artists love confusion. It gives them an advantage.

We are already hearing reports of health care scams in various states. Within time these scams will spread to all of the states. Here are some scam scenarios.

1. A company calls and says it is part of the government health care reform program that only has a few enrollment spots left. Then, they ask for your bank account number.

2. Some people are going door to door selling fake insurance policies. They are trying to trick consumers into buying coverage using a nonexistent ‘limited enrollment’ period that they falsely claim was made possible by the new health care laws.

Protect yourself by applying the rules to health care that you do to anything else such as credit cards.

* Don’t give out person information such as policy numbers, insurance ID number, Medicare claim number.
* Don’t let anyone in your house that you don’t know.
* Never pay insurance premiums in cash.
* Be wary of people offering you free medical services or equipment.
* Don’t sign blank insurance claim forms.
* Review your billing statement for treatment you received.
* Keep records of your medical visits, treatment and medication.
* Shed papers that you are discarding that show your medical ID number.
* Beware of high pressure and preying on your fears sales.
* Check out insurance companies and agents with the BBB.


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9/13/2010 11:12 AM (PST)

I am an insurance broker licensed in Virginia (resident), Maryland and the District of Columbia (non-resident). I only represent insurers that write contracts directly with their policy holders and are regulated by the Virginia State Corporation Commission (VA), the Maryland Insurance Administration (MD) and the District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities And Banking (DC). Since insurance traditionally has been by and large regulated by the states this is the only consumer protection you can expect to receive. Association plans where you must join an Association in order to purchase coverage have by passed this level of protection and are not subject to meeting state mandates and regulations. While some legitimate professional associations offer insurance to their members they are relying on these associations to provide their consumer protection in lieu of state government. In order to purchase the guaranteed issue plan from VitalOne you must join an association, Health Insurance Innovations. Additionally this disclaimer appears at the bottom of their website:

Disclaimer. This is limited indemnity insurance coverage. It is not major medical coverage and it is not intended to replace other major medical coverage. This web site is a brief description of the Med Sense Guaranteed Association discount and lifestyle benefits for members offered by Health Essential. The exact provisions are contained in the Fulfillment Materials that will be issued to the Med Sense Guaranteed Association members upon enrollment. These are not insurance benefits. These are association discount and lifestyle benefits.

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