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Getting my account back
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4/9/2010 3:37 PM (PST)

I played a game called Sword of the New World... Thought it was the bees knees till i went AFK or (away from keys) came back to the game to find i was banned wtf????. Seems i was observed performing inappropriate actions. I couldn't believe it, how could i be seen doing anything if i'm not even at the keys? Could - does anyone have advise for me help? actions i can take to help me get my account back and continue playing!!! (the key word here)some serious thinking on my behalf was given as to why i want to go back and play. Its because iv'e played it now for almost 3yrs theres no way i'm giving up... without a fight at least.

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4/9/2010 4:02 PM (PST)


We had another TrustLinker posting about this game also, and I believe the company that owns it is K2 Network. I would recommend clicking on "View Report" above and there's a link on their Reliability Report (left hand side) to file a complaint. Just fill out the form and we'll contact the company requesting a response.


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