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Is anyone else out there having trouble with the billing for Directv?
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2/6/2011 9:23 AM (PST)

Is anybody else out there having trouble with Directv? I was put into "suspension" because I went on a 5 month vacation, and when I came back and got hooked back up......they doubled my bill. They claimed that I had lost all my "rebates" from the year before.....and they will not change my bill back to the price it was before. I've tried everything.

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2/7/2011 8:46 AM (PST)

Hi Tammy,

DirecTV currently has 41,534 complaints on file with the BBB and 370 TrustLink Reviews. I encourage you to read the full report and TrustLink storefront by clicking on the links provided above your initial inquiry. You can also view the actual complaints filed if you wish.

Although the company is F rated, they have responded to all but one complaint filed against them. You may wish to file with the LA BBB on their website at or click the "File a Complaint" link on the left hand side of the company's Reliability Report.

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