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Is Publisher's Clearing House a SCAM???
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6/26/2010 12:56 PM (PST)

Does anyone know if Publisher's Clearing House is phony, a waste of time or a SCAM???

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5/13/2017 6:01 PM (PST)

Publisher's Clearing House is a total scam from day 1! Started 46 years ago when you got thier over stuffed envelopes with tear of stamps and very little glue on them and when they started doing computer have been playing for 46 years. Never did I get the prods. I ordered nor have I won any of thier so call Super prizes. Law of averahes says that a person who plays all the yime should win some thing every 7 years. Also tryed to find so called winners and that failed even to the people saying they do not know what I was talking about. Thuss Publishers Cleaaring House is a total scam and fraudulant opperation

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