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Regarding Tvi Express and Pyxism?
Category: Scams
Tags: Pyxism Inc, Tvi Express, travel
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8/17/2010 4:53 AM (PST)

Hi Guys,

Well my question is regarding 2 Tourism and travel companies named
Tvi Express and Pyxism? can you tell me whats the difference between them? please give me info about them, and what you have heard and how legite are they?

Have joined Tvi Express it seems to be a scam, on the other hand
have made some research on Pyxism found it to be registered and well organized.

Well people advice base on your experience and knowledge!

Thanks all!


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8/17/2010 8:12 AM (PST)


I was not able to locate a report on Tvi Express, however found Pyxism's BBB report showing they have an excellent rating and some positive reviews.

If you have more information on Tvi Express such as contact, phone or website, I'll perform another search to see what I can find.

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8/29/2010 7:28 PM (PST)

Well thanks Mari Tvi Express have done some research myself, came to the conclusion they are a "Scam",the problem is that they are still having people joining their site how am I to stop them??? They are stealing peoples money all over the world! They are banned in Australia and declared a "Scam"! Can you assist on how to stop them? People here in Saudi Arabia are working hard to recruit new members "victims"!!!

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