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Am i liable to pay the remander of the money even if my car is not fixed and is in worse conditions?
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12/17/2010 9:18 PM (PST)

i took my mini cooper s to this aamco location after talking with them over the phone about my car it initially had no reverse and was not shifting gears. they told me to bring it in and they would get it diagnosed and fixed in 3 days claiming the transmission needed to be rebuilt. they quoted me $2,000 upfront for parts and to fx it and another $2,000 on the pick up day for a total of $4,000 dollars to get my car running. soon after the 3 days passed is when my problem started. i took liberty to start checking on my car to see if they were finished they started giving me excuss after excuss and the owner had a bad attitude. after about 3 weeks of trying to compromise they finally told me that the transmission work was done bu now a new problem exsisted which i was told my computer that controls the transmission was now damaged and they wanted and additional $1,800 for the car to run properly beacause it was not drivable. in closing they are holding my car hostage. i want a full refund of the money ive given aamco already on repairs and the truth to come to light. they are not a good company i feel as though they have taken advantage of me because im a young female college student.

Question? am i liable to pay the remander of the money even if my car is not fixed and is in worse conditions?

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12/21/2010 10:09 AM (PST)

Hi Jasmine,

You may wish to contact the Bureau of Auto Repair, which is the State agency that oversees auto repair companies in California. Their website is located here:

Good luck!

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