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Does anyone know anything about a company called MR Carter, LLC?
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3/16/2010 1:56 PM (PST)

I was contacted by a company called MR Carter,LLC and they are very aggressive in trying to get you to give out your credit card numbers over the phone and they do not tell you why they need your credit card number for, only that in order to sign you up for their program they need your credit card number. I specifically ask if there were any fees and they told me no. They said that the fees were absorbed by the savings I would receive. Has anyone else had an experience with them?

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3/16/2010 4:03 PM (PST)

I would never suggest giving someone your credit card information over the phone, especially if they won't tell you what it's for. The company seems to be a debt settlement company and we have a previous thread posted about them. You can read it here:

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3/15/2011 4:27 PM (PST)

3/15/11 4:15 PM
I was contacted in December 2010 and was told of their service and was assured they could help but if not my 595.00 would be refunded. I was to get a call from a councseller. no call came more run around and still no call. My credit card was debited in December and now it is March. I got one promise after another that my credit was coming. The complaint department person even agreed I was owned the refund for non- performance and appoligized. This company M. R. Carter should be shut down.
Linda Anthony

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11/16/2011 11:46 AM (PST)

This was on Invoice Number:4789 under the Name of: William Swech The Amount taken from card with number ending with the numbers:0264 for the amount of $795.00USD on Mar-03-2011 by Rob on behalf of M.R.Carter,LLC. On Mar-03-2011 I was called by a Rob, a representative of M.R. Carter,LLC about a deal that they could lower my credit card interest. At first it sounded great and I took it. Then after I said yes too it I looked into it, and also my gut feeling told me NOT to take the deal. So on Mar 08, 2011 I emailed Rob and told him I would like to CANCEL our agreement and he called me and tried to make me stay with the deal and I said no thank you I would like out, I just didn't feel right about it. He told me at that time it would take a couple of weeks to refund your card ending in 0264; I said okay and left it. Then I received a package from them and I called Rob and asked him what to do with it. He said just put "CANCEL" on it and return it to us. Since I CANCELED it on Mar 08,2011 and relieved this package on Mar 16,2011 I didn't think I would run into any problem, so I sent it back. I have been patient since Mar 8,2011 waiting for my refund and still didn't get it. Since Mar 8,2011. I have emailed them and a Felisha has called me and said it will take about 14 days that was July 5,2011 and again on Aug 25,2011 I called again and Felisha said it will be another 2 weeks this now Aug 25,2011 and now I have to wait until Sept 8,2011 for what another 2 weeks? They only have to refund my $795.00USD to my charge card and that will be it. As they have NOT DONE ANYTHING FOR ME, to make them hold my money like this I don't know what the hold up on my REFUND is, they have being getting interest on the $795.00 since Mar-03-2011 and we have being paying the interest on the same money that they are holding. Isn’t there any way to get our money returned to us; PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Thank you. Bill Swech (705)693-5872 The settlement I would like is a refund of $795.00USD funds which they got from our credit card ending in 0264. Since they have only being getting interest on our money since Mar 03,2011 there is NO reason that they can't refund us that money. They have NOT used it to for anything else as I already had told them I wanted to CANCEL our agreement which by the way I was way ahead of canceling before they even mailed out the agreement to us. In their agreement it said I had 3 days AFTER receiving the agreement in the mail I could CANCEL and I received the agreement on Mar.16, 2011 and had emailed Rob on Mar 8,2011 that I would like to cancel. So they should not be out anything. We just want OUR SAME $795.00USD MONEY BACK to the same credit card. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 28th, 2011

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