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rent a car
Category: Travel
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9/7/2022 2:25 PM (PST)

As someone who has rented Aktis Car very often, I can say that it is. Choose a place. They offer free delivery to Thessaloniki airport, Thessaloniki, as well as to the main locations in Halkidiki for bookings of 10 days or more. Clarify the terms of delivery to your locality by asking a question in the online chat or by phone.

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12/14/2022 8:03 AM (PST)

Halkidiki is a Greek peninsula in the country’s northeastern region. The first significant settlements appeared in this area in the X century BC. The peninsula hosts the Petralona cave [url=" Target="_blank">]" Target="_blank">[/url] It is a location where researchers discovered the remains of people who lived in the area more than 700.000 years ago! Since those ancient times, people have admired the beauty of the peninsula. It's no surprise that Halkidiki is now regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations. It has a scenic landscape, clean sea air, and a pleasant climate, making a ride along its roads a pleasure!

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