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world travel on 1501 hughes way in Long beach CA is not providing services
Category: Travel
Tags: World Travel
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    2 Answers

6/14/2011 10:14 AM (PST)

Anyone deal with World Travel on 1501 Hughes way, long beach, CA? I having trouble getting any services from them per their claims?

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    1 Review
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    2 Answers

6/15/2011 1:16 AM (PST)

Well, getting to understand how to use this travel services is a battle. Best way is to call their travel services dept at 1501 hughes way directly and have a travel services person help you directly. Don't waste time using their website or member's link to inquiry about best prices unless you just want information on stuff other than prices. I do see some savings over web prices this way. ie best World travel price is approx 10% better than web prices. Also, seems they prioritorize based on when you're planning to travel for response so planning over many months out gets slower response. As for the free cruise up to 7 days for listening to the 90 presentation, it seems once you add in all the port fees, etc which you have to pay for your out of pocket is about $400 for 7day cruises so you're still paying about 1/2 of getting cruise yourself. Anyway, I'm now getting information to use to decide on my trips coming up.. Stay tuned...

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