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Donald D.
202373 xyz
volume of disatisfaction with International Bullion Exchange
I have been disatisfied with International Bullion Exchange and wonder if there are any complaints elsewhere about this company?
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John R.
148014 xyz
Anyone read Bruce Sands new book? The Financial Mango Tree
Anyone read the new book by the mastermind criminal behind Superior Gold Group? Check it out and be sure to leave a review once you, umm, "read" it... Read More »
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Michael V.
144919 xyz
Other than by mail, where to sell gold jewelry?
Shopping center in the areahas a kiosk--Gold Buyers. They say they will give yoy cash for gold jewelry. Is this good place to sell your jewelry?
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Bonnie S.
132196 xyz
Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc., quotes on American Eagle Gold Proof coins validation.
How can I check a quoted value, provided by Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc., on American Eagle Proof Gold Coins for myself? Has anyone done this chec... Read More »
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Bonnie S.
132196 xyz
How can I know the value of my American Eagle gold proof coins, has it gone up or down?
Just like anyone can check the value of a certain stock they are trading on the Dow Jones, S&P or NASDAQ, I would like to check the value of Americ... Read More »
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Mike K.
117475 xyz
Are you pleased with the service they provided for you ?
I would like some feedback from anyone that has done business with Aurm Advisors, they are coin dealers that sell gold, silver and other precious m... Read More »
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Bobby H.
115256 xyz
Where to sell 90% Silver Coins and Scrap Gold?
Where is the best place to sell 90% silver coins and scrap gold?
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Nancy B.
111920 xyz
Checking the rating for Discount Gold Brokers
I am considering doing business with a company caled Discount Gold Brokers. Encino, California. Has anyone done business with them? What has been y... Read More »
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Richard F.
99218 xyz
Is Superior Gold Group a SCAM????
Why does everybody @ Superior Gold Group,feel entitled to steal our $??????
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Steven S.
105605 xyz
How do I get a company to honor a contract to provide me with gold that I paid them for?
There are a lot of mixed reviews about this company. All I know is that I gave them almost $20,000 over a year ago and my order for gold has yet to... Read More »
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Claire C.
102158 xyz
gold order
Regarding Superior Gold Group. Santa Monica, Ca: Is there anyone who could help me get my order delivered and/or prosecute these people?
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Steve K.
96526 xyz
I need information about Goldworth Financial Inc.
I would like to ask the community about Goldworth Financial Inc. Has anyone done business with them? Is Goldworth a new company? I notic... Read More »
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Margaret B.
94846 xyz
American Precious Metals LLC
I have been solicited by American Precious Metals LLC in Deerfield Beach FL. I am trying to determine if they are reputable. There are no customer... Read More »
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Arnold C.
94013 xyz
cash4gold scam
Cash4Gold has struck again. My daughter sent some items to them, and ,just like many other people, finding that it is a terrible scam. the detailed... Read More »
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81864 xyz
Experiences with Superior Gold Group?
Has anyone has experiences (good or bad) with purchasing gold from Superior Gold Group?
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aleah j.
78813 xyz
question on investment
I need information on the Capitol Gold Group!!! I was surprised that BBB did not have in database. A little too late perhaps (?) Help! Thanks...
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Kathy C.
75422 xyz
Rosland Capital "Experience"
Has anyone had any financial dealings with Rosland Capital? We have taken what we had and put it in gold and now we cannot get a response to our qu... Read More »
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DeAnn M.
64372 xyz
Need customer comments about Goldline International
Has anyone done any business with Goldline International? Can you let me know what your experiences have been? Thanks
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thomas M.
63837 xyz
Lloyd's Asset Management -anyone done business with them?
Anyone done business with LLoyd's Asset Management? I've heard good and bad. This is important, so any response would be appreciated. I will give y... Read More »
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