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Is The Mra Group Legit?
3922 Tweedy Blvd.
South Gate, CA 90280
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9/29/2011 6:19 PM (PST)

The MRA GROUP contacted me about the modification of my mortgage loan. They are not BBB accredited. I wanted to know has anybody did any business with them.

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10/7/2012 8:47 PM (PST)

This company goes by different names:Mortgage Relief Advocates, LLC, MRA, and Price and Associates Consulting Group,Rodger Price CEO/CFO. With 2 different locations and phone numbers. Besides the one I completed above they us: 18000 Studebaker Road, Suite 700 Cerritos, Ca 90703, and the other phone number is 1-323-303-3629. We hired MRA the end of Feb. Making our first payment in March. We did sign a contract that stated there was a 100% guarantee minus a $750 processing fee if we didn't receive one of the following:Forensic Loan Audit and Analysis Loan Modification, Reinstatement Forbearance Agreement Negotiating The Principal Balance/Delinquent Debt Repayment Plan, Loan Restructure Prolonging the foreclosure process, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Short Sale Agreement, Structuring and Negotiating, Negotiate Lease Back from the bank, Partial Claims Subordination, Negotiate a "Cash for Keys", and Postponement of at least ONE trustee sale with our mortgage company HSBC. We sent in all documents and payments as required, and spoke with Michael Rodriguez, Rodger Price, or Jasmine Mendez on several different occasions. We also were contacting them through email. When we would ask about our case, we were told that everything was going fine, but there were several times I had sent them documents that they asked for and they didn't have them and we would have to resend them. On 7/13/12 we were served with foreclosure papers, much to our surprise! We contacted MRA which took several attempts and informed~ them. We also need an I answer sent to the court within 20 days. After that we got the run around. We had to hire a local attorney to answer : the summons, which cost us $300. I called HSBC and they told me that MRA only contacted them on 3/27/12 to give them a cease and desist order and asked for some papers. We repeatedly tried ca11ingand got no response. On 8/27 I we received a letter from them telling us our case was still in review arid did we have any money saved up, in case I HSBC needed money. I called HSBC and they told me that the only other time MRA contacted them was 8/28/12 and I they were told that unless we paid over $5000 nothing would be done with our case. Since then we wrote to request , our money back,$2,700, plus the $300 we had to pay to the other attorney for a job they should of done. We have written the accounting department but no one will respond to us. We have repeatedly called and emailed them, if they I would of done their job, the house would not of gone into foreclosure. We have not contacted an attorney, I have reported them to BBB, and Hope/HUD. And also, since they waited till after we were served foreclosure, no other company can take on our loan with out us paying back 40% of the interest we haven't paid.

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